What do you want to walk away with this year?

You know, a Harvard study revealed that 3% of Harvard MBAs who had written goals earned ten times as much money as the other 97% combined just 10 years after their graduation!

If you don't have a clue where to start or how to hit your goals, it's ok.

You're not alone. Researchers asked new graduates from Harvard’s MBA Program and discovered that:

  • 84% had no specific goals; and 
  • 13% had unwritten goals.

No wonder only a few can answer these questions right away.

The most successful people ask themselves these questions
and don’t always have good answers…

They even doubt themselves sometimes! 

It’s totally fine if you do that too. 

It can take a bit of time and deep soul searching to figure it out. 
Life gets in the way of most people so they don't set time aside for goal setting.

It’s important to ask the right questions even though you might not have all or any answers, for that matter.
The right questions will reveal the right answers…

Clarity comes with action. 

It all starts with knowing thyself. Your own values. Beliefs. Identity.

What you like and what you’re good at.

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Knowing and being honest about where you are now and where we want to be, have, do,
experience and give is the icing on the cake.

Breaking it all down into smaller chunks of time to plan, execute on goals, 
and evaluate results makes the process much easier. 

Do you know how goal setting works? 

As you may know, failing to plan is planning to fail. If you don’t follow through your plans, 
you risk not achieving them. 

“The best horse in the world can’t get you to your destination if you don’t know where you want to go”. Mohamadino.

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If you don’t achieve your goals, it might not be because you’re not good enough,
as you may think.

It’s probably because you don’t know how goal-setting works. 

A goal like “I want to be a good horse rider” is not specific enough.
You can’t measure it, so you wouldn't know if you’ve achieved it or not. 

As opposed to setting a specific goal like “I want to compete in Geneva Grand Prix in January 2020”
for example.

If you don't want narrow goals that may feel limiting, you may instead want more purposeful and meaningful goals that speak to the desires of your heart, to make you feel devoted even if the going gets tough. 

If you feel you have a calling or on a mission, it may be more appealing to you in this case to have a look into your inner self more profoundly, to see what goals are more true to who you are. What goals are more aligned with what you truly want in life and feel naturally drawn to.

“Think of many things. Focus on some, so you can do just a few.” Mohamadino.

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Here are some tips on setting goals and achieving them this year.

The first and most important thing you have to understand is that it's not just having goals,
action plans and execution.

It's all about the person you have to become in order to achieve all you want.

The character, mindset, intention, rituals and discipline.

Before we jump right in let's get clear on the basics.

Here's a quick overview of what we'll cover:


Do you know what goals you want
to achieve?

1-1 Goal 

Your goal means setting your intention to achieve a specific outcome in a specific time.
Ex: To compete at Geneva showjumping 5* Grand Prix in January 2020.

1-2 Goal Setting 

Is when you set up goals and prioritize them by importance and urgency.
Ex: getting a horse, coach, training daily and competing once a month, etc...

1-3 Action Plan 

Is the execution process or plans you put in place to achieve these goals.
Ex: Your training and competition schedule, types of exercises, frequency, horse feed,
fitness, and health program.

1-4 Strategy 

Is your long term plan overview of what can make you achieve your goal.
It's setting up the stage.
Ex: Daily bit of progress on the flat and weekly progress on the jumps to keep my horse motivated.

1-5 Tactic

Is a short term specific task or action you take to implement your strategy in a timely way.
It's more about how to achieve your goals. The action part.
Ex: You discovered your horse is spooking over the water jump, so you focus on water jumping
exercises to overcome this challenge and get your horse back on track.

1-6 KPIs

Key Performance Indicators are the building block tasks that you have to perform particularly
good to achieve your goal. Ex: Horse feed, supplements, coach, vet, farrier, grooming, training,
tack, etc...  

1-7 Milestones

Are stages you typically pass through to achieve your goals.
These are like the train stations you pass by on the way to your final destination.
Ex: successfully completing the national competitions throughout the season that
qualify you to the Grand Prix you want to participate in. 


1-8 Principles

Are the rules you follow and stand for along the way.
Ex: You want to be sensible and respectful of your horse and teammates.

1-9 Obstacles

Are the challenges that come your way throughout your journey that you have to
overcome to achieve your goal.
It's good to remember here that losing a battle is not the final defeat in a war.
You have to keep going.
Ex: The horse gets injured, one of your teammates leaves unexpectedly,
the horse starts to spook, stop or kick fences, etc...

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As you can see there are some overlaps and that's ok.

We are fluid beings and your goal document doesn't have to be static.

Make it a living document that you tweak, update, edit and adjust as you go.

It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be there.

Look for progress not perfection.

Now that we’ve defined some key terms, let’s get you started on the right foot.

M. Shahin - EquiJuri - consultancy


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Questions That You Need
To Ask Yourself First

2-1 What goal are you excited to achieve this year?

Ex: Compete at the Grand Prix in Geneva.

Take a minute to feel it and think about it (not overthink it). Now write it down in one sentence.

2-2 Why do you want to achieve this goal?

Ex: Because it was your childhood dream to become a Grand Prix rider and get a sponsor.

2-3 How Will achieving this goal make you feel?

Ex: Proud.

Take a minute. Write it down in one sentence.

2-4 Why is achieving this goal important to you?

Ex: To give you the confidence to move forward to the next level.

Take a minute. Write it down in one sentence.

2-5 What’s the pain of not achieving your goal?

Ex: You’ll be miserable and struggling without a source of predictable income.

Take a minute. Write it down in one sentence.

2-6 How You’ll measure your success?

Ex: When I clear a 140 cm course of 12 fences including a double, triple, a related distance and water jump.

Take a minute. Write it down in one sentence.

Here's what you can walk away with after your goal setting Consultancy session:


The Main Types Of Goals

You can classify Goals based on many factors:

3-1 Term

Short term (up to a year), medium-term (five years), long term (9 years or more) and lifetime.

3-2 Control

Goals that you can control like training every day (cause) versus winning the Grand Prix which is out of your control (effect).

3-3 Process Vs Outcome Goals

Your outcome goal is your end goal. The process goal is the daily execution that will make you achieve your end goal. 

3-4 Topic Goals

Goals that relate to certain topics or aspects of your being. Ex: health, wealth, relationships, etc..

3-5 Urgency & Importance 

Tackle your goals in this order: 

  • 1st urgent and important goals (vaccinating your horse - do it first). 
  • 2nd important but not urgent goals (minimizing waste at your stable). 
  • 3rd urgent but not important (attending a horse event that you vest no interest in - delegate). 
  • 4th not important and not urgent (answer a phone call that you know is a pure gossip - you can eliminate).


Not Urgent 


Vaccinating your horse

Minimizing waste at your stable


Attending a horse event that you vest no interest in

Answer a phone call that you know is a pure gossip

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The (SMART) Goal Setting Framework

SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

4-1 Specific 

Like in the example above “I want to participate at Geneva Grand Prix in January”
as oppose to “improve my showjumping”.

4-2 Measurable 

Means you can verify and measure if you’ve achieved it or not.
You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

4-3 Attainable 

This means reasonable, but moderately challenging.
It’s a bit out of your comfort zone.
It needs some growth work to achieve it. 

4-4 Realistic 

Means matches up with reality. Taking realities into consideration.
Ex: riding for 45 minutes a day if you have a couple of free hours per day.

4-5 Time-Bound 

This means you have to put a deadline to achieve your goals.
A deadline gives you the power to achieve your goals in a timely way.
It prevents you from procrastinating, sidetracking or lagging behind.


The BIBS Strategy

Take bold imperfect baby steps forward consistently every day toward your goals.

Perfection is the enemy of progress.

More is the enemy of good.

Version one is better than nothing.


Set goals in these important areas in your life or in other categories of your own, where you think or feel it's important to you:

  • Career, profession or business.  What do you want to achieve?
  • Wealth. How much do you want to earn, invest or have?
  • Personal Development & Education. What knowledge, skill or attitude do you want to acquire?
  • Relationships. Do you want to be or become a partner, parent and have more friends & larger family?
  • Art, hobbies & sport. Do you want to hit any joyful, artistic or sports goals?
  • Health. How are you going to have good health as you age?
  • Impact, philanthropy & contribution. How do you want to make the world a better place for all?

Notice that for financial goals to come true, you have to discover your relationship with money.
That's a whole topic on its own that I can't fully cover here but hopefully in a separate future post.

Most of your money beliefs is grained in your head, heart and soul at your early childhood.

Beliefs like money is security, scarce, root of all evil, only luck people get it or,
I'm not worthy, I'm not smart enough or lucky enough to deserve what I want financially.

All these beliefs can be real but it's not true.

Money has always been and will be just a medium of exchange. Nothing more.
It was created to facilitate bartering. 
There is more than enough of it the world to make everyone rich, including you.

You don't have any reason to think otherwise. Don't let your emotions, negative self image, limiting belief or lack of knowledge stand in your way.
Don't be afraid to show up to the people who may need what you have to offer.
You're doing them a disservice if what you offer can help them.

You will be tempted to do all other things other than consistently showing up and selling what you offer to those who want it and need it. Just do it and I promise it will get easier the more you practice and get better at it.

It has never been easier than now to learn or find the mentors or tools and resources you need to succeed.

Think how can I make it flow my way. Who do I have to become, believe, do, make or offer to attract it to me.

The more people you can help get what they want or overcome their challenges the more value you'll create and the more money you can exchange in return for it.

It all boil down to learning, practicing, having the right attitude, being around inspiring people, using the tools and having the systems in place to keep us on track in progress.

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Writing & Visualizing

It’s very important to write down your goals.
Have it on a dream board in from of you with pictures.
Visualizing and imagining yourself achieving your goal.

Reading your goals regularly is a good practice of positive affirmation to program your subconscious.

Don’t go to bed before you write down your goals for the next day and visualize yourself
achieving them for a few minutes before you sleep.   

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"No Train" Ticket

Book yourself a ticket on the "No train". Learn to say no to time suckers, overconsumption,
any type of extremes or energy wasters. 

There you have it.

As a final note.

Be moderate.

Bring purpose and joy to everything you do.

Life is a wild ride.

Enjoy every moment of it.


M. Shahin

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