About EquiJuri

My Story

Surely modern horse girls and riders prefer (and are better off) learning this wisdom from me than from the old days cavalry commanders. At least I don't shout (kick or bite).

Being the only boy in a girls class for a couple of years has taught me a thing or two on how to help you and boost your courage and skyrocket your results in sport, business and life with some magic horsepower.

What makes me so passionate about helping you, is that I was obsessed with becoming a showjumping professional rider since my early days growing up in Egypt and spending quite a bit of time around sport horses. 

The only reasonable way I could achieve this at the time was to quit school and travel to Europe to learn from the masters...

My parents are quite classic, and for them, this wasn't even an option.

They did encourage me to ride, though, and supported me with my horse riding.  

However, they wished for me to study law, engineering or medicine. They wanted me to become a professional who can earn a decent living, especially that there weren't any professional horse studies or decent equestrian jobs in Egypt at the time.

My dear friends and professional Egyptian riders who made their way to the Olympic games, like A. Sakakiny or K. Zoghby and later S. Dahan and others, all traveled to Europe or the USA to master their craft.

This dream never disappeared from my mind throughout my entire schooling and beyond ... through law school, my higher education and even whilst working as a lawyer. 

My passion manifested itself in many shapes and forms.  I bought and trained horses, coached riders, and managed my own showjumping club with 19 horses.

It was illegal in Egypt for lawyers to engage in commercial activity, and so, I was not allowed to make profit from my equestrian endeavours at the time. 

Things changed when I got married. My wife May and I moved to Switzerland in 2014 and decided to raise our children there. 

I found out that it is possible to combine my horse passion with my legal profession in Switzerland. We founded an equestrian company and under the roof of this commercial company, we could offer both equestrian sports legal consultancy (as an equestrian sports lawyer or equine jurist), and also engage in equestrian commerce and industry.

I was so excited about this that I registered for and completed a 2 years equestrian degree at Bern University (EquiGarde).

In the meantime, I discovered that the area we are living in (Seeland, Jura & Three Lakes region in western Switzerland), the valley at the footsteps of the Jura Mountain,  turns out to be the homeland of the native Swiss Horse, the Franches Montagnes (In French) or Freiberger (in German). 

Working from Biel/Bienne (the Swiss Federal City of Sports), Switzerland gives me great proximity to the Swiss Federal Office of Sports, the FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale "in French" or the International Equestrian Federation), the International Court of Arbitration for Sport, the International Olympic Committee and the International House of Sports.

Biel/Bienne is also where the world's largest equestrian sponsors Longines and Rolex reside. 

It looks like the stars are aligned! I ended up in the perfect place to pursue my dream once more.

Maybe it's not the best time anymore for me to compete and be a showjumper on the road because of where I am now in my life and business.  Only time will tell.  I guess I can still live my equestrian dream through my equestrian company and this blog. 

Same applies to you. If you're passionate about horses, and it's not ideal for you to become an Olympic Rider right now, it doesn't mean you should cancel the idea altogether.

You can still study the ecosystem, the different players in your niche, see what their challenges are and help them achieve their goals. 

In this way you do what you love and you can even make some income doing it.

As you can see, the universe listens and will conspire to eventually give you what you want, as long as you know what that is. 

One day you'll look at the book of your life and know why every chapter came in the order it did.  The dots will be connected and the full picture will be brought to life.

Hold your position. Believe in the system. Keep going for your dream. Do the work you have to do, until you can choose what you want to do. Clarity will come with taking consistent action. 

There will be hard times, falls, bruises, and all kinds of horse shit hitting the fan!  

Just know it's how we learn and grow. 

Enjoy and learn from every bit of it. The ups and downs. The good and bad. It's all necessary for life to manifest the best version of you!

Hang on tight and keep going forward. It's these imperfect, bold, baby steps that will get you there.