M. Shahin

As a corporate lawyer and certified horse professional, I manage EquiJuri, an equestrian sports agency that helps horse riders develop their careers and set up and run their equestrian businesses. We offer our magic circle clients legal, marketing, and management consultancy to grow their businesses and online presence. Contact me now to see how we can work together.

Show Jumping in Numbers

Show Jumping in Numbers   Show Jumping is gaining ground in popularity in recent years. A showjumping 3-4-year-old horse in Switzerland costs around USD 20’000 which, in France or Germany would cost approximately USD12’000 to 15’000, and around USD10’000 to 12’000 in Belgium, Hungary or Ireland.   Elite sports horses competing at international world championships …

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Equestrian Market Analysis

  Equestrian Market Analysis   World   Global horse population is estimated at 58.7 million horses including the different regions as follows: Though larger horse populations than the EU, similar patterns of development have also been seen in the USA (9’500’000) horses, Canada (963’500) Horses, Australia (300’000) Horses, China (7’402’450) Horses, and Russia (1’319’358) Horses. …

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