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M. Shahin


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What You'll Learn In This Live Workshop:

  • 1
    How to set & hit your goals to enjoy the life you love.
  • 2
    Success secrets to get clear on where to start.
  • 3
    Insights nobody told you to skyrocket your results.
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    Checklists & templates to write & review your goals.

M. Shahin

About the Author

M. Shahin
Equine Jurist | Investor | Mentor

Transform your equestrian passion into a thriving profession with EquiJuri. Leverage over 40 years of experience alongside showjumping Olympians and elite education from Harvard & HAFL Equigarde, supported by Swiss Federal Horse Professional certification, to build a diversified income through physical and digital equine assets.

Empower your equestrian journey to achieve financial freedom and professional success, turning passions into high-value assets. As someone who has lived and breathed the equestrian lifestyle, my mission is to guide fellow horse enthusiasts to not just dream but live their ultimate equestrian life.

Join our magic circle of celebrities, Fortune 100 companies, and associations who have successfully started, secured, scaled, and sold their ventures with our bespoke equine legal, marketing, and sports business management consultancy.

Start transforming your equestrian passion today with our FREE 5-Day Email Course at EquiJuri - your first step towards a dream equestrian life.

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*Important Note:  due to technical restrictions & as I want to work personally with all registrants the available places on this webinar are strictly limited to 9 attendees!
Reserve your spot now and sign in to the webinar early to ensure your participation is granted.