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Live Workshop:
Set & Hit Your Goals
(This Year & Every Year)

M. Shahin


By EquiJuri

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Reserve your seat now for this live workshop that will help you Set & Hit Your Goals. This Year & Every Year...



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This Monday
(May 4th) at:

02:00 pm CET

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What You'll Learn In This Live Workshop:

  • 1
    How to set & hit your goals to enjoy the life you love.
  • 2
    Success secrets to get clear on where to start.
  • 3
    Insights nobody told you to skyrocket your results.
  • 4
    Checklists & templates to write & review your goals.
  • 5
    The goal guide to set & hit your goals this year & every year.

M. Shahin

About the Author

As a corporate legal advisor, investor, mentor & certified horse professional for over two decades, I manage EquiJuri, a premier equestrian sports agency that helps entrepreneurs & equestrian athletes boost their confidence and improve their results in business, sports & life.Professionals, entrepreneurs & institutions hire me to start, secure, scale, or even sell their equestrian activities, businesses, or investments.I offer virtual legal, marketing, equestrian consultancy & coaching.

*Important Note:  due to technical restrictions & as I want to work personally with all registrants the available places on this webinar are strictly limited to 9 attendees!
Reserve your spot now and sign in to the webinar early to ensure your participation is granted.