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Get Unstuck in 2022 With Shane Melaugh, Ikario & EquiJuri

Stuck vs. Unstuck

Basically, there are 2 voices in your brain that most people are unaware of:
The voice of being "Stuck" & that of being "Unstuck"

The first step is to understand & write down what these 2 internal voices are...
To raise the level of your self-awareness, as taught by every great thought leader, entrepreneurs, phenomenal artist & scientist. 

The second step is questioning those beliefs. They might be true, but are they right?
Your beliefs will affect your thoughts which will influence your feelings, and in turn direct your actions & dictate your results.
It's a vicious cycle that will keep digging your hole deeper & deeper.

Can't you find some inverse evidence that there is a possibility to get unstuck, as the world's richest investor Charlie Munger suggests? As yourself, can the opposite be true?

The brain will get you answers to every question you ask yourself. All you need to do is to ask better questions for the better answers to reveal themselves.

Being unstuck is about taking the decision on "what" you need to achieve rather than worrying about "how" you will figure it out.

As soon as you take the decision, you enrol your super computer brain to focus on achieving this outcome and figuring out the "how" & that's when you get the right answers.

Circumstance & coincidences start showing up in your life to support you.

If you really can't figure out how to get unstuck, here's how these 2 voices sound like:


Your lower vibration. The survival part of your brain that wants to feel safe & secure in the little known here & now.

The anxiety, fatigue, self doubt, pessimism, worry, resentment & anger.

It's that voice that keeps you up at night.


Your higher vibration, true self, authentic voice, infinite intelligence to start a business, lose weight or find a relationship in the far uncertain future.

Serenity, peace, self-love, growth, happiness, sense of contribution, accomplishment, belonging & purpose.

It's the voice of your daydreaming.

Why "Get Unstuck"
With EquiJuri?

Here's a little story...

Unable to move my upper body an inch away…
Breaking out in a cold sweat, short of breath & feeling like a ton of bricks are squishing my chest to the ground!
Can’t reach my phone & I don’t even have the energy to call an ambulance...
Or even say a word to give a hint where I am...

I sat down on the floor…
Experiencing the nearest to death moment at the age of 43!
Repeating my mantras, affirmations & prayers on auto-loop didn't help the slightest bit...

All my life rolled as screenshots on a rollercoaster in front of me, in a blink of an eye...
While feeling a parallel rollercoaster of regrets, sorrow & agony!
Sick & Tired of the Hamster Wheel Hustle...

Followed by a soothing relief...      

If I can just rewind the tape of my life & do things differently...
But it's too late!

All alone at the horse stable near the Jura Mountain in Switzerland...
Nobody is around … near enough to hear me & come to the rescue.

At this point, I had only one goal...
My last wish is to go home to see my beloved wife & kids for a last goodbye before passing away...
Can I make it?

What a horrible near-death heart attack experience!

Obviously since I'm writing this to you now, I made it home, to the hospital & got treated with 2 heart stents...

A few days later, it became as clear as the noon sun of Africa, that I need to rethink my whole life, my health, wealth & relationships!
It's time to put an end to chasing shining objects, being present on all social media platform at all time, trying to be everything to everyone...Managing +1000 lawyers community, my law firm, private business, a family enterprise, investments, family & horses...

Enough is enough!

It's time to set new priorities, boundaries, do work that matters for only those who care!

This is when I stumbled upon Shane Melaugh & the Ikario team...
Who helped me find the work-life balance that I always craved for...
In just a few weeks, simply watching their videos & applying the few simple steps they recommend...

I quickly took back the reins of my life...and the results, feeling & purpose started to fall in place...
Magnetically showing up in my life in the most amazing ways...
Rather than my previous restless hustling chase that seemed like my efforts went in vain...

Being part of the Ikario community & having a coach who's a few steps ahead offered me the right guidance, at the right time!
It's an unmatchable experience that I never felt before...

Check it out yourself!
If you're feeling stuck or want to get to the next level...
You have nothing to loose & everything to win.

For better health, wealth, relationships & magic to manifest in your life.
Don't miss out on this Ikario Free Live Event before it's too late!

Whether to choose the free workshops or the premium paid programs, you'll get the best value for a bargain.

Take my word for it!

What You'll Walk Away With
After You Get Unstuck

The number one reason that people come to my practice & attend live events like this with is because they "feel stuck". They don't come because they have a dream...They come because they have a problem!

If you're feeling stuck after the holidays season, like most entrepreneurs, take a moment to breathe. Know it's not your fault, we're in difficult time for every human being on the back of this earth!No matter where you live, what's your walk of life, colour, age, sex identification or religion...You're all the most welcome here in this inclusive community of humans who aspire for lifetime growth!

Ironically, dreams & problems sit on the same spectrum...

The reason why we're stuck is because the "stuckness" stops us from accomplishing our dreams.

But sometimes we're stuck on little things...
Like losing 5 pounds... or finding a meaningful relationship.
So it's really important to understand what being stuck is so you can find a solution to solve your little problem or life's big dream.

After getting hundreds of people unstuck, it turns out that being stuck is actually a great place to be!

The discomfort of not accomplishing this thing has become so intense that you're forced to do something about it.

This is when you've reached your rock bottom.

If you're like most of our students, you can do one of 2 things:

1. You can either create a breakthrough (and that's what we'll talk about daily in this event),

2. Or you could soothe yourself (become addicted to worry, obsessively check social media, binge eat, drink...).

The question now is: are you going to do something about your stuckness now? Once & for all?
Do something to move you towards the life you want to live?
Or do something that gives you only temporary relief & perpetuates your situation?

Snag your seat at "Unstuck" now with EquiJuri to unlock the SAGA method & the only one word you need to succeed in 2022.

"Get Unstuck" Bonuses
From EquiJuri

Snag your seat at "Unstuck" now with EquiJuri to unlock the only one word you need to succeed in 2022.
Get all these bonuses, a 1 on 1 strategy session & legal advice plus many more surprises that will blow you away!


Get a daily dose of inspiration, intelligence & wisdom about how to get unstuck


How to get unstuck in our lives & create the lives we want ,one day at a time


How to reclaim the power that you have to love your lives & live your dreams.


Find out what you are here to do. Your purpose, 


Find out how to serve your life & contribute in a greater way.


Combine your life & passion all in one.


Make your life's circumstances & environment support you.


Get your Free Downloadable PDF playbook.

Meet The Team

Shane is a serial entrepreneur & expert digital marketer.
He's the founder of ThriveThemes, ActiveGrowth, & several other 6 figure business.

S. Melaugh (Ikario)

Shane Melaugh - EquiJuri

M. Shahin (EquiJuri)

EquiJuri - M. Shahin

Shahin is a Harvard-certified expert, investor, mentor & equestrian sports jurist.
He's the founder of EquiJuri, eCorporate Lawyers & EquiTraveler.

Ikario Team

Here’s what people are saying:

I've already seen a significant improvement in my productivity.

By implementing only 1 single tactic from the course I've already seen a significant improvement in my productivity.

I'm able to focus for longer periods & I am less of a slave to all the notifications & interruptions that used to cripple my productivity. I'm now working to instill the same habits & processes with my team.

I love Shane's style. He's so direct and genuine at the same time. He shares the key information & the occasional story to help the information sink in.”

Amanda S.


This course is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to become more productive.

Changing a few of my habits & routines really changed my productivity for the better.

I very much like Shane's style of teaching. The quality of the material is excellent & what I like most is that it is based on his own practice & experiments.

This e-course has had more impact on my productivity than five days spent on a dedicated productivity course the last year.

This is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to become more productive. Learn what you have to change & how to do it!”

Tom Meeuwissen Online Marketer
Tom Meeuwissen


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