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The Goal Guide Audio Book


The Goal Guide Audio Book For Incredible Results in 2020!


The Goal Guide Audio Book For Incredible Results!

Do you know what goals you want to achieve in 2020?
Where to start or how to go about achieving them?

It’s ok.

You don’t have to answer these profound questions right away.

Everybody, especially the most successful people ask themselves these questions and don’t always have the answers…

They even doubt themselves sometimes!

It’s normal. It doesn’t come naturally with everyone.
It can take some time and usually needs a bit of soul work to figure it out.

Though, it’s important to ask the right questions to reveal the right answers…

Clarity comes with action.

It all starts with knowing thyself. Your own values. Beliefs.
What you like. And what you’re good at?

Knowing and being honest about where you are now and where we want to be, have, do, experience and give is the icing on the cake.

Breaking it all down to smaller shanks of time to plan, execute on goals, and evaluate results makes the process much easier.

Do you know how goal setting works?

As you may know, failing to plan is planning to fail. If you don’t follow through your plans, you risk not achieving them.

“The best horse in the world can’t get you to your destination if you don’t know where you want to go”. Mohamadino.

If you don’t achieve your goals, it might not be because you’re not good enough, as you may think.

It’s probably because you don’t know how goal-setting works.

A goal like “I want to be a good horse rider” is not specific enough. You can’t measure it so you don’t know if you’ve achieved it or not.

As opposed to setting a specific goal like “I want to compete in Geneva Grand Prix in January 2020” for example.

Check out the Goal Guide Audio Book to get some tips on how to set goals and achieving them this year.


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