EquiJuri helps you scale your equestrian business through digitization.

    We offer equestrian travel (EquiTraveler), insurance (EquInsure), and real estate (EquiProperty)services.

    If you're an amateur or professional rider looking to start, secure, scale or sell your equestrian business,
    we can help you design and execute a personalized digital marketing plan customized for your specific needs. 

    Through our partner - InfusionSoft, we offer automated digital marketing and social media solutions specially tailored to meet equestrian businesses, horse associations and sports federations institutional needs.

    EquiJuri InfusionSoft Partner

    Infusionsoft's Certified Partner Program provides powerful solutions for small businesses such as web development, copywriting, marketing consultations and other professional services. This powerful combination has allowed Infusionsoft and its partners to be dominant forces in the small business success movement.

    "EquiJuri has undergone an intensive training program at Infusionsoft’s headquarters and passed very difficult qualification standards to become certified, ” said Andy Simmons, VP of Global Partner Programs at Infusionsoft.

    “We don’t certify just anyone who wants to join our community, Certified Partners meet our exceedingly high standards to ensure our small business customers are working with only the best. Today we congratulate and proudly welcome EquiJuri to our thriving community of Infusionsoft Certified Partners who are helping more small businesses every day achieve new levels of success.”

    DigitalMarketer - EquiJuri

    EquiJuri managers have received several other recognitions and mastery specialist certifications from world-leading institutions including Harvard University, Kings Colledge, UCLA, Bern University of Applied Science, HAFL, DigitalMarketer, CTI, IBM, Haras National Suisse, EquiGarde, and many others in the fields of copywriting, marketing funnel automation, cybersecurity, content marketing, digital forensics, websites front-end development, conversion optimization, guest blogging, equestrian sports, breeding, equine projects management and marketing, search marketing, traffic marketing, customer acquisition and content marketing.

    Equigarde - EquiJuri

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