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9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers

Looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for a dear horse lover?

You’re not alone – I hear you!

Every Christmas, thousands of people try to think up original gift ideas for their loved ones.

It isn’t always an easy task for those who are not into horses or equestrian sports.

You also don’t want to be drawn back to the same old jumpers for your brother, slippers for your father, or a pair of socks for your partner.

Anyways, the best presents don’t always fit underneath the Christmas tree!

Let’s think out of the box for a second this year, especially that not every horse present is pleasant.

Christmas gifts can also be shitty!

Christmas gift -Trump’s Treasury Secretary

Yes, what you saw is real horseshit!

That’s the exact gift-wrapped horse manure Christmas box that, believe it or not, Trump’s Treasury Secretary of State in the United States of America, Mr. Steve Mnuchin received at home on Christmas Eve last year (2017) in order to protest a tax plan.

Americans, their President Mr. Trump and his secretaries are just funny! Aren’t they?
No other current presidents can give us this much fun and laughter, I guess.

Trump’s Treasury Secretary

A Los Angeles psychologist called Robert Strong has admitted “gifting” US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin with a box of manure in what he says is a protest over the Trump administration’s tax bill.

Mr. Strong shared photos on Facebook of the card that he said accompanied the deliveries and reads: “Mrs. Mnuchin & Trump, We’re returning the ‘gift’ of the Christmas tax bill. It’s bullshit. Warmest wishes, the American People. PS – Kiss Donald Trump for me.”

Christmas card to Treasury Secretary

That was the bad new!

If this story hasn’t inspired you to think out of the box and you’re still looking for original ideas – keep reading.

Because the good news is: we’ve already researched what’s out there to save you precious time & money.

Finding the perfect present for horse lovers this Christmas should be no problem with the great selection of gifts that we made available for you online.

Here are the best horse Christmas gifts ideas you can buy online from the comfort of your couch to treat your loved ones!

We’ll focus on gifts for ladies, not just for the traditional cliche “ladies first”, but because they represent the majority of over 66% of the riding population, and also because of a recent sports injuries research showing that horse riding is the riskiest sport for girls.

Girls courageously take an enormous amount of risk to pursue their deep passion for horseback riding!

The research analyzed admissions to accident and emergency (A&E) at two Oxfordshire hospitals over a three-year period. They found children and adolescents aged between 1 and 19 years old accounted for almost half (47.4%) of those injured during recreational activities.

Riding was found to be in the top three riskiest sports for girls in this age group, along with trampolining and netball. The only activity to cause more injuries to girls than riding was trampolining, with 213 cases admitted, compared to 142 (8%) for horse sports.

The research revealed a clear gender divide in the popularity of equestrianism, with the number of riding accidents involving girls vastly exceeding their male counterparts at 92% of admissions.

The most common age for girls to injure themselves riding was 13.

Statistics on the nature of injury showed that girls aged 5 to 9 had a high percentage of fractures from riding, accounting for 11 out of 16 recorded injuries in this age group (68.8%).

The research found fractures were the overall most common cause of A&E attendances for sports injuries, totaling a quarter of all admissions.

In trauma data on 324 accidents that led to hospital admissions, horse riding was cited in 16 incidents, which involved females 87.5% of the time.

Riding was also the most likely cause of sports-related head injury in girls (12%) according to Horse & Hound.

Despite acknowledging parents efforts to encourage children to participate in sports to avoid obesity and be healthy, however, this data raises a red flag and whistle blow a serious need to raise awareness on injury prevention, safe and secure equestrian sports and installations.

I mentioned this here so you pay attention to safety and security when buying tack and clothes for your loved ones or even when choosing a riding school or instructor for your beloved daughters or partners.

Without any further ado, here are your some ideas for the horse lover in your life this Christmas…


1. Faux Fur Fluffy Headband

Finely crafted from faux fur for warmth and comfort.
Boasting a soft and fluffy feel, it’s the easy way to add a hint of feminine glamour and luxury to girls wardrobes.


2. Sniffle Bit Black Leather Belt

A quality leather belt perfect for wearing with breeches or jeans.
The two crystal Sniffle bit details at the front are perfectly balanced to give an elegant horsey style.


3. Racing Big Holdall

Designed with ample storage, this holdall is an ideal choice as a travel companion for any horsey woman on the move.


4. Ladies Soft Unicorn Scarfs For Women

The ladies Unicorn Scarf is cosy and perfect for keeping snug and warm during the colder months.
The Unicorn Scarf comes in different colors.


5. Daughter Personalised Unicorn Wooden Frame

Since you can’t really wrap up a horse, wrap up your loved one’s horse picture in a frame. Find or take a nice photograph of him or her, or even hire a professional photographer to do so. 

Here is a daughter Personalised full-color unicorn wooden frame suitable for Christmas and make a great memorable present.
It can be personalized with the name of the sender and recipient.

6. Slender Silver Horse bit Snaffle Bracelet

An exclusive equestrian design, the work in the detail of the horse bit on this slender solid British sterling 925 silver bracelet is an example of true craftsmanship.


7. Ladies Horse Riding Fur Trim Winter Jacket

Lauria Garelli Moena Ladies Horse Riding Fur Trim Country Walking Winter Jacket.
Perfect riding jacket to add to your wardrobe for those colder days.
Built in elasticated wind stopper to prevent against those cold winds.


8. Longines Equestrian Watch

Treat your loved ones to a special watch from Longines’ Equestrian Collection, which was developed as a tribute to the brand’s involvement in equestrian sports.

Longines blends passion with innovation in the Conquest watch, dedicated to showjumping. With the Conquest analog wristwatch, you can measure showjumping results taking the FEI Regulations into consideration.

Contact us now to learn more.


Longines showjumping

9. Ticket to a Horse Event

Check EquiTraveler to help you find the most suitable ticket to offer your loved one an unforgettable experience of watching a world-class event where showjumping & dressage horses and riders perform live.


The best experience to have on the list in my view is to witness the finest international equestrian athletes and horses, gathered to compete at Geneva’s 58th Edition, CHI De Geneve that will take place on December the 6th to the 9th, 2018 at Palexpo Geneva.

Longines Geneva CHI

Contact EquiTraveler now to help you buy your tickets, travel and hotel accommodation to give your loved one a unique special gift to truly remember!

These are just a few examples of special horsey Christmas gifts ideas to offer your loved ones.

No matter which idea you choose, be sure to have the video camera or cell phone on hand to record the joy!

If you don’t find what you`re looking for?
And want more Christmas gift options and inspirations…

Don’t worry – But harry!

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Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.



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