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Live Workshop Recorded:
You're 1 (WordPress) Theme Away To Thrive Online

M. Shahin


By EquiJuri

Reserve your seat & discover this new WP Theme to easily sell your service, consultancy, coaching, course or membership site in a snap.

What You'll Learn In This Recorded Workshop:

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own custom WordPress website that looks beautiful & gets clients on autopilot, without hiring designers or coders, you're in for a sweet treat...

  • 1
    Build A Beautifully Designed WordPress Website.
  • 2
    Create Your Course & Sell It On Your Own Site.
  • 3
    Put Together An Irresistible Freebie & Opt-In Box.
  • 4
    Design A Quiz That Entertains & Segments Visitors.
  • 5
    Make Sales & Landing Pages To Get Clients Fast.

M. Shahin

About the Author

As an equine jurist, investor, coach & certified horse professional for over two decades, I manage EquiJuri, a premier equestrian sports digital agency that helps equestrians boost their confidence & improve their results in business, sports & life.Professionals, entrepreneurs & institutions hire me to start, secure, scale, or even sell their equestrian activities, businesses, or investments.I offer virtual legal, marketing, equestrian consultancy & coaching.