Have you hit a plateau?

Thinking you can't grow your business in this challenging time...?

Be it an equestrian or other type of business?

You're not alone. I hear you!

2020 Is Indeed A Tough Time For Most Businesses.

Especially for traditional equestrian or other brick & mortar businesses.

Here's The Overview

Brick & Mortar vs. Digitally
Transformed Businesses

Actually most businesses that are stuck in traditional business models,
are unable to transform into a more digital or hybrid structure.

Ironically, my business grew in 2020 more than any other year before.
The same happened to most companies who transformed into digitization or a hybrid model.

Digital transformation can mean different things to different people & businesses.

So let's first clear something out of our way.

Opportunity is always hidden in a stressing challenge. 2020 is no different.
There are seasons in life. Cycles of ups & downs.

Drought doesn't last forever! Rain neither.

It's not the season or speed of the wind that you should worry about...
These are out of your control. Out of anyone's influence.

What you should worry about is what you can control.
It's how you set the sail!

It's a great lesson that I learned from my days in sailing catamarans in the Red Sea...
You can read my story here:

How I Kissed My Job Goodbye, Survived A Terrorist Attack & Discovered A Horse Heaven!

how to kiss your job goodbye

The same applies to business, investment & markets.

You'll inevitably make fatal mistakes if you try to predict the future of businesses, investments or markets...
But you can have a process to research, valuate, spot & buy bargains.

And the great thing about what I'm going to show you is that you don't have to pay for it!

I don't mean not pay for it at all!
Nothing is free in this world.
I mean that you don't have to pay money out of your own pocket.

That's what boggled me at first, as much as it might be boggling you now!

Buying low & selling high rather than forecasting the future or worrying about a bad season.

It's a limiting belief that we have to crush right here & now.

Roland Frasier's EPIC Challenge

You don't have to pay out of pocket to buy or acquire businesses.

In Roland Frasier's 5-Day EPIC challenge, you can discover over a dozen ways to buy & scale businesses without literally paying a penny out of your own pocket, or even having to take debt finance or loans from a bank with compounding interest rate.

EPIC is a life changing challenge & experience.

I took this challenge myself & it was so EMPOWERING!

That's why I recommend it on my blog to any entrepreneur or business owner who wants to start or scale his business. Because I'm sure it will help you start on the right foot & skyrocket your business.

It shows you how other smart entrepreneurs, business owners & investors grow their businesses only using a step-by-step blueprint, strategies & tactics to reach their goals & exponentially grow their businesses & investments.

EPIC Challenge made it clear to me, that the only thing that's holding us all back is our thoughts.
The stories we tell ourselves about our identity & self-image. This is what's actually sabotaging most entrepreneurs & equestrians from reaching their full potential.

That's what's sabotaging you too.

Who The EPIC Challenge Is
(& Is Not) For

As much as this 2020 pandemic is creating fear, anxiety & stress, it's also creating new opportunities for those who chose to discover it, explore it & exploit it.

The EPIC Challenge is an opportunity. Opportunity is there for those who are open for it. Those who believe that crises, change & adaptability must happen. 

The EPIC Challenge is fortThose who understand the dichotomy of life. Those who know that it takes a volcano to discover gold.
They're aware that without darkness you won't appreciate a flashlight!

Those who believe that if hard seasons of life are inevitable, so is their inevitable massive success.
Those who believe there is more potential for them to fulfil, regardless of the circumstances.
Those who believe they have a message to bring to the world, no matter how vulnerable they'll be.
Those who believe they deserve a magnificent life, future & freedom & will never settle for less.

Those who have a vision to become BUSINESS SUPERHEROES no matter what!

Those who know they deserve to have the Freedom to choose their work, their clients, where they live & the causes they have a calling to support.

The EPIC Challenge is not for those who are looking for get rich quick schemes. Those who don't think they can start and grow a business on their own, those who think that the current circumstances will not allow them to grow their business exponentially through sales or acquisitions.  It's not for those who see themselves as employees, with no ambition to start or grow their own companies.  It's not for those who are not willing to see opportunities in these challenging times, who do not want to learn and believe they know it all already.

Has The Internet Changed The Game?

The internet has levelled up the field & made it possible for each one of us to be the change we want to see in the world. To create our own business & promote our products & services.

The traditional barriers to entry are now demolished. 


If that's YOU, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Opportunities open the doors for only those who are prepared for it.

If you're wondering what these opportunities are, or where to find them, you've just landed on time at the right place to figure it out...

Are You In For This Treat?

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not here to brag about the EPIC Challenge.
There are already thousands of Roland Frasier's followers & students who do that - daily.
I'm here only to help YOU.

You taking this EPIC Challenge will not make me or Roland a fortune.

It's only meant to make you more rich in the most practical, simplest, meaningful & ethical way.

It's meant to help you think & grow RICHER. 

To help you develop your knowledge, skills & attitude (both personally & professionally).
To make you fit for the business battle.
To arm you with the Swiss Army knife of business growth.

This EPIC Challenge has what it takes for your to excel. A vibrant community, tools & resources to cover your back in the battle field of business. Where everyone in your market is competing to get your market share & dominate your niche.

It is business jungle out there. Survival of the fittest.

Here's your step-by-step business fitness & diet program.

Up for grabs NOW. For pennies on the dollar. It's a live event that starts on the 10th of December.
Don't miss out on this last chance in 2020 to end the year with a bang!

Rub shoulders with the titans of digital marketing, online business & remote investment.
Hurry & sign up, there are limited places because of the tech limitation. 

Roland Frasier is practically unreachable otherwise. He charges thousands of dollars for an hour of his time, normally only helping elite businesses & influencers.

He created this challenge to help as many people as he can for a symbolic charge.
Take him on this offer. You won't regret it. I promise.

If it's not the right time for you, it's ok. I understand too.
You don't have to take the EPIC Challenge for me to help you get a basic understanding of wealth & growing businesses & investments through acquisitions.

Let's do that right here to honor your time & effort to visit & read my blog post.

Here are my 2 cents when it comes to scaling your business.

Ready for this paradigm shift?

Let's dive into it.

What Scaling Means First of All

Scaling or growing a business, as defined by SCORE.org, means setting the stage to enable & support growth in your company. It means having the ability to grow without being hampered. It usually requires planning, some funding, the right systems, staff, processes, technology and partners. 

How Can You Grow Your Business Then?
You Can Simply-Speaking Grow Your Business In 2 Distinct Ways:



Through growth by getting more clients, closing more premium sales & selling more often through recurring revenue models such as memberships or newsletters, for example. 



Through buying or acquiring other companies, assets, client lists or parts thereof such as acquiring suppliers, distributers, competitors, affiliates, for example.

The most important thing is to understand is that you don't only work IN your business, or ON your business, but as Roland teaches, you should be working - OVER - your business.

Your core product or offer is your BUSINESS ITSELF.

Billionaires make their FORTUNES & become wealthy buying & selling businesses, not only their businesses' products & services.

As Robert Kiyosaki suggests, rich people teach their kids how to buy & sell businesses.
According to his famous WEALTH Quadrum, you can be 1 of these 4 types of people:

According to Kiyosaki's WEALTH Quadrum,
you May be 1 of these 4 types of people:

1- Employee

It's when you work for a limited salary to make someone else richer.
Under this employment, you pay taxes 1st before you get your money or deduct your expenses.
At this level, it seems like you work for the government because you pay it first.
Example: you're better off in most countries owning a house that you rent out through a limited SPV company (Special Purpose Vehicle) than under your personal capacity. Because in the former case you pay taxes AFTER you deduct the expenses related to your house from its revenue, but in the latter case you pay taxes BEFORE.

3- Business Owner
It's when you start a business to turn your passion into a profitable business. Having a few people work for you to solve people's problems or help them reach their goals. In this model you only pay taxes for your sales & profits (after deducting your expenses).
Most millionaires make their fortunes through their businesses.
At this stage, it seems like you work to pay for your employees' payrolls.

2- Self-Employed

These are the doctors, lawyers, equestrians etc... who have to acquire the knowledge, hone the skill & have the attitude for excellence. Here you're most probably trading time for money. Since your time is limited, so will be your money.
At this level, it seems like you work for the banks to cover your home mortgage, car...etc

4- Investor

This is when you invest in buying & selling businesses, or some equity or debt of a business through holding stocks or bonds. Most billionaires make their fortunes through investing in assets, stocks or businesses that bring more income or value into their portfolios.
At this level, you're working to build your own FORTUNE & LEGACY.

When you buy & sell businesses you sell them for a multiple of their EBITA or profit, in simple terms.
So you make more money than if you simply make these profits as a business owner in the form of equity.

Equity is equal to your assets minus your liability.

Think of your assets in terms of something that PUTS money into your pocket, through income or value increase, regardless what your CPA or accountant suggests...

Think of your Liability as something that TAKES money out of your pocket, regardless of what the banker who gives you your house mortgage says... 

For example, if you own a company that generates $100k in profits, that sells for a multiple of 10x, you would get a million by selling it and $100k if you decide to keep it. It is then clear that you can make several multiples of your fortune if you flip a few companies in a few years, which is something you can't make if you only invest in one company that you keep.  

Based on the above, my question now to you is this:

Would you consider the house where you live as an asset or as a liability?

Comment below & let me know!

I hope this will now help you easily see the difference...

The problem with most poor people is that they buy LIABILITIES thinking that they are buying ASSETS.

Please don't fall into this trap!

It's a little misunderstanding that we can clear up together.

It will make a huge paradigm shift in your relationship with money.

There's no program on the internet today, that I know of, that can help you make, grow & protect your business & wealth in a more practical & simple way as the 5-Day EPIC Challenge.

In the 5-Day EPIC Challenge you'll learn the latest tactics & strategies that Roland & his team uses right now, to buy businesses, assets & client lists.

You'll learn the same exact strategies that helped Roland:

  • Buy a $4 BILLION business with no money out of pocket... 
  • Become a co-founder/principal of 5 different Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing companies as we speak...
  • Own one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the United States... 

None of the above is meant to impress you. It's meant to prove to you that this stuff is the real deal.
It’s the next level of ‘in the trenches’ training that gets results.

This is not meant to teach you how to take advantage of people either.
It's important to understand the difference!

Being in the M&A industry for over 2 decades, being a corporate lawyer working with legal 100 firms representing the world leading banks, funds, fortune 100 companies & brands, I know the ‘tricks of the trade’ that less scrupulous ‘business bandits’ will try. 

There are dozens of ways to structure shady deals. There's even more tricks to take advantage of distressed business owners. There are many shenanigans in this space.

This is NOT what Roland teaches in this EPIC Challenge. Rest assured that I wouldn't help anyone do that.

Throughout the EPIC Challenge, you'll learn how to make deals that are done within the boundaries of the ‘Zone of Fairness’.  The Zone of Fairness means all parties come out to the other side much better than when they entered. Everything is above board. 

We're recovering corporate lawyers who like to play by the rules of the games.

All while genuinely helping other struggling business owners & making an incredible income for yourself & your family. All thanks to what you are doing to learn in the 5-Days EPIC Challenge. 

What Is The Investment?

So at this point, you’re probably wondering what is the investment?

Well, to give you an idea, Roland's group training program sells out at $6,997.00 per student each time it's available.

He's making this Challenge a No-Brainer ($997 Value) For Only $55.

This stuff works like a charm.

Take this 5-Day Challenge & see for yourself.

These strategies are where the rubber meets the road. Particularly when it comes to acquiring your first
(or next) business ethically & profitably.

No one teaches this stuff. Only a very few people in this entire world have the experience of completing the number of deals across the breadth of industries needed to even know how.

There's over a 1000 people who have been through the Challenge, and as far as I know, they're very satisfied with the results they got in their businesses & life out of it.

When you join this challenge with all of other participants who already joined, you’ll see why none of this is B.S.

Roland Frasier EPIC Challenge Alumni

If you need help to navigate through all stages of growing your business, in the simplest & easiest way,
go here to enroll, I promise you’ll love it.

You'll get a few amazing bonuses that will be up for grabs too if you join before the 10 of December, 2020 at midnight.

I've personally joined the 1st round of this EPIC Challenge & think it's the best value for money that I came across on the entire internet for the last decade!

EPIC Challenge has paid back in cash flow 10x my investment in less than a quarter. It helped me restructure my finances, assets & business. It helped me grow my business & network. Like me, you'll walk away more secure. You'll also learn about insurance & how to optimise for taxes.

Being a recovered corporate lawyer & accountant gives Roland a unique advantage to help you see a holistic view of your business & how to grow it. He shares with you over 35 years of experience in buying, scaling, selling & owning of businesses & Inc fastest growing companies...

When you take this challenge you'll get his business buying blueprint. A step-by-step road map for you to use mergers & acquisitions for growth, profit & scale in the simplest & most practical ways.

Let's face it... buying a business can be intimidating & overwhelming.
There are many questions that are challenging to ask & answer correctly.

Questions like:

- How would you persuade an owner to sell you his business or part thereof?
- How can you find businesses to buy in the 1st place?
- How can you craft an irresistible offer?

The scariest one ever... is What if they said YES!?

Harvard business review, puts the failure rate of mergers & acquisitions somewhere between 70% and 90%.

Small Business Administration revealed that, 75% of venture capital acquisitions fail. This means that 3 out of 4 Venture Capital deals die.

So we can conclude that the smartest institutional investors with unlimited capital, super computers & the best metadata money can buy are hardly successful. 1 in 4 times at most. More on that in a moment…

Why Invest NOW?

If you understand that NOW is the greatest time in modern history to acquire businesses, it would be foolish to skip learning the fastest, most secure & most profitable way of growing your wealth & income with ZERO money out of pocket?

As an investor now, you'd be helping thousands of employees & business owners who may want to shut down, retire or start another business!

You're also a HERO helping people keep their income & help the economy to recover.

Now, the problem is clear for smart investors, entrepreneurs & YOU too, if you're reading up to this point.
Because it means you're smart & already ahead of most people.

You're here right now because you're asking the right questions. The right questions, will reveal the right answers.

You're here for a reason. If you're like most successful entrepreneurs, you'll now be asking questions like:

How can I take advantage of this current opportunity & buy businesses with ZERO out of pocket money?
- without the legal or financial risk...
- without personal guarantee...
- without an absurd rate of failure...

I hear you!

The Good news is, you take the guesswork out of your process.
You can acquiring a business with ZERO out of pocket money, in a safe, reliable & predictable path to grow your income, wealth & most importantly, YOUR FREEDOM.

Roland has blazed the road for you in a 5 day challenge.

And that's why it's called EPIC!

EPIC = Ethical Profit In Crisis.

It's not a get rich quick scheme.
It turns out that if you want to live like the 1%, you have to put in the work that the 99% won’t.
Not only hard work but also smart work.

Even the best meditations, affirmations, imaginations, positive thinking & zen will never get you anywhere without planning the right strategy, tactic & taking action to bring your vision to life.

Don't walk it alone. We all need a mentor & a supporting community that lift us up.
A place where it's safe to ask questions, to offer help, to showcase opportunities & to find partners.

EPIC is a vibrant & inclusive community of smart investors who will help you out,
& cover your weakness.

I've never seen anything like it & I would love to welcome you inside the EPIC Challenge!

Get Me Started

With The 5-Day EPIC Challenge

Here Is What You Get From Roland When You Register For The EPIC Challenge:

  • 5 Days of Live Interactive Training Via Facebook Live to get all your questions answered
  • A Private Facebook Group To Share your experience & opportunities with fellow ePIC members
  • All the EPIC Challenge Recordings to Keep access & go back anytime To review any lesson
  • The EPIC Workbook As A Downloadable PDF So You Follow The Challenge & Don't miss a thing

Here Is What You're Going To Get From EquiJuri When You Register For The EPIC Challenge:

  • 3 GDPR Legal Forms for your website  (Valued @ $197)
  • 5 Business Contracts Done For You (Valued @ $299) 
  • Monthly Newsletters From E-Corporate Lawyers To Help You Grow Your Business (Valued @ $120) 
  • a free 30-Minute Lawyer consultation at anytime that suits your schedule (Valued @ $347)
  • access To My Secret Weapon University to Learn How to build a Business website (Valued @ $250)

Sound good? Register NOW!

Get Me Started

With The 5-Day EPIC Challenge

Payment is secured & You've also got a 100% money back guarantee! 

money back


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100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!


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