EquiJuri is managed by Dr. M. Shehab and Attorney M. Shahin, partners of MSLS Sàrl, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

MSLS Sàrl (“MSLS”) was incorporated in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland in 2015. As a family business, its renders equestrian services to horse owners, equestrian startups and businesses, horse associations and sports federations.

Supported by an international community of independent corporate lawyers and equestrian sports professionals, MSLS is retained by its clients to render professional legal advice on corporate governance, compliance, horse insurance, travel, entertainment, and equestrian sports.

MSLS represents a leading authority in equestrian business management, consultancy, and marketing.

MSLS offers its services through:

EquiJuri, provides legal consultancy and horse insurance to foreign horse owners and equine organizations.

EquiTraveler, offers travel packages to enable equestrian fans to attend live horse shows.

E-Corporate Lawyers, a network of independent corporate lawyers and leading law firms.

A-Horse Community, a community of horse owners, riders, and enthusiasts.

MSLS Management has extensive experience, high qualifications, and interdisciplinary skills in tourism, corporate governance, compliance, show jumping, project management, e-business, and finance.

Uniting modern sciences with Arabian desert skills and ancient Egyptian techniques, MSLS aspires to offer innovative solutions to the ever demanding equestrian sports challenges.

MSLS stands for the code of conduct of the IBA, the sports spirit of the Olympic Movement, horsemanship principles of the FEI, corporate governance principles of the OECD and the sustainable development objectives of the UN.

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