Affiliate Marketing For Equestrians

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Updated For 2024

List of Equine Affiliate Programs

Want to make more profits through equine affiliate programs in 2024? 

According to Statista, “business spending on affiliate marketing will hit $15.7 billion in the USA in 2024.
Growing from $8.2 billion in the U.S by 2022”. That's approx. 15% increase in 2 years. An average of approx. 7.5% growth a year.

If you don't know how to capture this opportunity or where to start, here’s your (A to Z) equine affiliate program ultimate guide. 

We'll go through practical examples from affiliate marketers. Those making a few thousand to millions of dollars!

You don't need to be tech-savvy, have a huge network or spend a fortune on advertising to pull this off.

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Below You'll Cover:

- Marketing products for equestrian e-commerce shops like Amazon - Writing a search engine optimised (“SEO”) content that ranks on Google- Email sequences for affiliate marketing. 

We'll end with the different affiliate programs & affiliate networks you can join.

Here's an overview of your step-by-step guide for the entire process from A to Z.

This method will help you earn affiliate profits in the fastest & easiest way... doing what you're passionate about the most. 

Work related to horses.

Let’s jump right in.

As an equestrian affiliate marketer, you can promote products from many different companies & earn commissions from all of them.

As an equestrian or equine affiliate marketer, you’re an independent contractor or salesperson helping an equestrian company make more sales through publishing content on the internet.

In short, it’s getting a commission on each sale you make through your content.

To make sales, equestrian or equine content creators & publishers build a raving fans type of audience to whom they can promote these affiliate offers, to help equestrians (or their audience) get what they want or solve their problems.

Ideally, help equestrians get specific things they want & daydream about in the morning or solve stressing problems that keep them up at night. 

So it’s a fast & easy way to sell other people’s or companies’ products or services without having to create it yourself.

It’s a simple way to test ideas by finding a product or service that you like & tried yourself, promote it to your audience & make profits on the sales you make.

Equestrian Affiliate Marketing Definition

Equine Affiliate Marketing is when equestrians join affiliate programs to promote other horse businesses’ products/services for a commision by sharing these products/services with their audiences or social media followers. EquiJuri

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Affiliate partners can help you build additional streams of revenue for your business. This can also help you diversify in different regions, client segments & vertical markets.

How Do Affiliate Marketing Programs Work?

Merchant’s affiliate program software makes life easier for all the stakeholders involved in the process.

The process goes something like this:

  • A producer of a product or service joins a merchant’s program or creates his own.
  • When a promoter joins that program, he becomes an affiliate partner to the producer. 
  • The affiliate partner is then given a specific link for promoting the producer’s product.
  • The affiliates include the links in their content for readers to click it to discover more.
  • When a reader clicks the link, a cookie is placed on their internet browsers.
  • The cookie ensures that the promoter is credited with a commission if the reader buys.

Producers make reports available so that affiliates can see the clicks & sales their audience has generated.

The merchant pays the affiliate commission at the end of each payment period (i.e. revenue sharing).

Payment periods vary from a month to a few months. Depending on the refund policy. Producers want to ensure they only pay commissions for sales that are final and not still subject to refunds.

This process or workflow works the same way regardless of what kind of product or service you’re promoting.

However, I like to consider affiliate commissions as icing on the cake rather than my main bread & butter. 

Here’s An Example Of Why This Can Hurt:

On April 14th, 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Amazon ripped the rug out from underneath millions of their affiliate partners.

Amazon took a machete at affiliate commissions in most categories. In some categories, commissions went down from 10% to 2%.

“This represents a 60%+ drop in some categories!” as per MONEYLAB.

What makes it even worse is that Amazon announced it only seven days before it happened.

Big companies only care about their own interests & profits, not yours.

That’s a good reminder to focus on building your own brand & offers. Not to build on other people’s land that you do not own or control. The good old “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Remember that, always...

Don’t rely on one source of revenue especially if you’re not the one who owns or controls it. 

Build several streams of revenue for your business but start one by one. 

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Affiliate Marketing Has A Low Barrier To Entry

It’s easy now with the internet to start promoting affiliate offers, but the success bar is high or hard.

Since the producers & all their affiliates are selling the same product, you have to offer something special. You have to craft a unique affiliate offer (“UAO”).

Your UAO is not the product you’re promoting, but the offer in which it is presented. The copy, creative & target audience.

Your UAO can be unique in many ways. You have to be creative & test what resonates better with your audience. Then stick to what works best.

Maybe you target a specific niche. You offer special bonuses that help buyers solve follow up problems that will show up after they make the sale, or simply help them get what they want faster & easier. 

I always find it more profitable & fun to promote products that I’m passionate about, in an upmarket trend & a wide mass of prospects or potential client base to make a low ticket profitable. 

Upselling my own products at the back end with a discount or a limited time offer also played out well in my experience.

That being said, equestrian or equine affiliate marketing to this day, still represents a great way for any equestrian to get started, test ideas & develop their marketing skills.

You can also turn it into an independent affiliate marketing business.

Some people consider affiliate marketing as a passive source of income. I don’t.

I think it requires active work from the part of the affiliate marketer to be successful. 

3 Things You Need To Survive As An Affiliate Marketer


1- Use Landing Pages To Promote Your Offers 

According to Unbounce: “A landing page is a standalone web page”. You create it for affiliate marketing so that a visitor “lands” on it for you to collect their contact information. Essentially their names & emails.

Landing pages are designed with a single goal, known as a call to action. This makes landing pages effective for increasing the return on your affiliate campaigns.

We use, recommend & believe that ThriveLeads offers the best value for money in the market now.


2 - Drive Free & Paid Traffic To Your Landing Pages

You can drive free & paid visitors to your landing pages by creating social media posts and/or ads on social media platforms or search engines like Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc…

Create & schedule a few emails, blog & social media posts & Pinterest pins to promote & direct readers to your landing pages.

We use, recommend & believe that ActiveCampaign offers the best value for money now.


3 - Create A Freebie To Generate New Prospects

Create content that generates new prospects or leads to your business. Freebies & webinars work pretty well.

A freebie is a valuable resource that is exchanged for your prospect’s contact information (name & email). A webinar is a live or recorded presentation that requires your prospects to register beforehand to access it.

A webinar can also be presented as a 3-part video series.

These 2 types of lead generation resources are called gated content. They live behind an opt-in or registration form.

When you drive traffic directly to these 2 resources, the leads start flowing. You can eventually send these prospects or leads to your affiliate landing pages.

That’s all good but how do you become an affiliate marketer in the first place? 

So now, let’s look at:

How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer In 4 Easy Steps?


Step # 1: Choose A Product To Promote

Your 1st step is to choose a single affiliate product to promote & build an audience.
I only choose to promote products & services that I personally bought, love & believe it can help my audience.


Step # 2: Which Affiliate Program To Join

The best affiliate program or network for you is the one you personally like the best. You should be able to easily use & understand. It should pay you on time the commission that makes sense to make the size of your audience profitable.  


Step # 3: Become An Affiliate Partner

Research a few different options, carefully read their requirements for joining & apply to join their affiliate program & become their affiliate partner. Be honest and submit accurate information & numbers about your own self & business.


Step # 4: Promote Your Affiliate Offers

Upon the approval of your affiliate application, now you can promote your chosen affiliate products & services through your uniquely crafted offers.

Here’s an example of my resources page of the affiliate programs I personally use & promote.

Want to choose affiliate programs you can promote?

Affiliate networks are good places to find many affiliate programs & compare them.

It’s time to choose!

If you’re ready, go now get your FREE Equine Affiliate Program List below.

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Equestrian Affiliate Programs

What Is An Affiliate Network?

According to SmartBlogger: “Affiliate networks are middlemen connecting content creators (“publishers”) with companies (“merchants”). 

Through a single portal, affiliate networks give publishers access to numerous affiliate programs.”

Here Are Some Examples Of Affiliate Marketing Networks:


You can also share it with your love ones on social media too!

So, is affiliate marketing that simple?

You may ask...

Well, there are some legal compliance rules that you have to know first...

How To Avoid GDPR Fines & Comply With Legal Requirements?

In many countries in North America & EU, the law requires that you tell people that you earn a commission if they buy through your affiliate links.

It’s a best practice & good business ethic even if it isn’t required by law where you reside.

It’s also good marketing & branding. Your audience will appreciate it.

When you share an affiliate link, let your audience know that you may earn a commission if they buy through you without any extra charges on their part.

Rest them assured that you never recommend products if you don’t love them yourself and strongly believe it will help them.

It’s legally recommended that you create an Affiliate Disclaimer page & paragraph to put on the footer of your website, pages & your emails or wherever you share your affiliate links.

Book a free consultation here, If you need any legal help with your affiliate disclaimer, privacy policy, terms & conditions, or legal compliance pages for your website.

You can learn more about your website legal compliance and the legal pages & contracts you need for your equestrian business & website here.

If you’re targeting clients in the EU Region, you’ll need to comply with GDPR. Check out this resource for more info. 

Types Of Equestrian Affiliate Products To Promote

(2 Equine Affiliate Marketing Examples)


Equestrian, equine, horsemanship, or horse & horseback riding books on Amazon.

Online Courses
Becoming A Confident Rider Masterclass

Online equestrian courses & masterclasses on Noel Floyd's website.

If you succeed at affiliate marketing & want to create your own affiliate marketing program for affiliate marketers to join & promote your products & services, here are some affiliate marketing tools you can use…

Affiliate Marketing Tools, Apps & Plugins 

  • Lasso
  • Refersion
  • ReferalCandy
  • ThirstyAffiliates
  • Affiliatly
  • Tapfiliate 

Here are some contract templates that you may need to sign with your own affiliate marketers who join your own affiliate program. 

There you have it!

Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

Check out this affiliate marketing course now to promote equine affiliate programs in your horse blog & get commissions dropped directly in your bank account!

Bottom Line On Equine Affiliate Programs

You can create an additional online stream of income promoting equestrian affiliate programs of others.

If you’ve reached this point reading. I think you can do it. Set your goal, write your plans, put them on your calendar & set a date to start executing right after you finish reading this post.

Sure, it’s not as passive or easy as some online marketing gurus describe it, but with a little online marketing, content & copywriting knowledge, skills & right attitude, you can definitely do it.

This is the icing on the cake for your business profits.

Once you’ve created a decent audience of a few thousand prospects, equine affiliate programs are one of the best streams of revenues you should consider. 

You can do it from the comfort of your own home, horse truck, or stables if you have a laptop or smartphone & internet.

It’s easy to start & pull off. You have what you need to get you started mentioned above.

Figure out the thing most people in your niche want and start from there...

Choose your 1st product from a business you love & tried yourself. Share it with your horse passionate audience. Tell your success stories & those of other equestrians or horses who succeeded with it too.

Create content that inspires, entertains & educates your readers. 

Let each piece of content speaks to a specific type of equestrian within your wide audience. From horse lovers, riders, owners, athletes, professionals, etc...

Be direct, honest & kind.

Develop & respect the trust that the equine audience vested in you.

Finally, don’t forget to check the commissions your equine affiliate programs deposited into your bank account.

Wishing you the best of luck as an equine affiliate program marketer!

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