Horse Riding Clothes For Kids In 2024

Joyful Horse Riding for Kids: Embracing Adventure Safely!

Introducing your kids to the magical world of horse riding this year?

It's a journey filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable moments.

While the thrill of riding is unparalleled, ensuring your child's safety is essential.

Dive into our fun and comprehensive guide to combine joy with precaution!

Being an equine jurist, investor & mentor with over 40 years in the equestrian world, I've cherished countless moments of joy with these magnificent creatures. Even with over four decades of equestrian experience, and being a federally certified horse professional with a recognized Equigarde Swiss Certification, I recently suffered a significant accident while walking next to my horse.

Despite a cracked skull and a three-month hospital stay, I've since recovered and am back in the saddle.

I’m not telling this to scare you but to take safety very seriously. Most accidents happen when people are around horses rather than riding. Most accidents are head injuries because, like me, most people don’t wear a helmet when they are around horses.

The reason for not wearing a helmet is that most people are ignorant or careless about it. That’s why I’m writing this expert guide so that parents are sincere and raise their kids' awareness to reduce the risk of being around horses to a minimum.

Just remember – like any adventure, understanding and respect go a long way.

Even a simple stroll beside my horse taught me that!

This comprehensive guide provides you with essential information about equestrian safety clothes for kids and best practices to improve their safety & security around horses.

Essential Horse Riding Clothes for Kids:

1. Riding Helmet: 

  • The first step to fun-filled rides!
  • Beginners might consider rentals from local riding schools.
  • Make sure it fits like a hug and has a BETA certification.
  • Ladies, here's a style tip: ponytails should sit below the helmet.
  • Choose helmets specifically designed for equestrian activities. Discover our top pick kids' riding helmet.

Half Boots:

Fashion meets safety for our budding riders. Explore the trendiest picks that your young equestrian explorers can wear in the saddle & out right here.

3. Must-Have Adventure Companions:  

  • Body Protector: Dance freely with this shield! Buy Now
  • Riding Breeches: That your daughter can wear while riding and out and about. Glide with comfort. Find Yours
  • Equestrian Gloves: For those perfect high-fives with your horse. Grab Yours
  • Safety Stirrups: Every young rider's trusty sidekick. Check It Out Now!

Sharing Laughter with Horses:

  • Greet them with gentle gestures; though you can talk to them, they love calm friends.
  • Always walk beside them, enjoying every step together.
  • Helmets? They're our crowns! Wear them proudly.

Horse's Favorite Spots:

Embrace their beauty but let's skip the ticklish spots! Steer clear of their nose, lips, mouth, ears, tail, and legs.

Finding Your Child's Perfect Horse Buddy:

  • Experienced horses are like the wisest, kindest grandparents.
  • Match your child's spirit with the horse's training.
  • Well-trained ponies? They're the best buddies for tiny champions.

Road Riding 101:

Know the equestrian traffic rules, and shine bright with reflective gear! Comfort reigns supreme for both rider and horse.

First Aid Essentials:

  • Equip yourself with handy horse riding first aid tricks.
  • Keep a kit filled with love and care.
  • Remember the ABCs: Always Be Cautious. A=Airway, B=Breathing, C=Circulation. But mostly, have fun!

To Conclude: Horse riding is a joy-filled journey, teaching kids love, responsibility, elegance and the art of adventure.

With love, respect, and the right horse riding clothes for kids safety & security, your young riders will experience countless joyful moments in the saddle & out!


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