I sat down on the floor…

Right behind the entrance of the outdoor sand horse-riding arena.

Unable to move my upper body anymore…

Breaking out in a cold sweat, short of breath & feeling like a ton of bricks are squishing my chest!

Can’t reach my phone & I don’t even have the energy to call an ambulance.

What An Experience!

All alone at the stable near the Jura Bernois Mountain in Switzerland.

Nobody is around … near enough to hear me & come to the rescue. 

It was noon. The sun is brutal. A bit windy & dusty.

I was training my 4.5-year-old showjumping horse, “Welcome de Monfirak”. 

Welcome De Monfirak - EquiJuri

He was trotting & galloping around me in circles…

When I started to feel dizzy.

Out of the blue, he got away from me & jumped the fence of the arena, which is about 130 cm high.

I’m not sure if he got spooked by something, felt for me & wanted to bring somebody to help, or just wanted to have a moment with Isla, his favorite racing mare next door.

Welcome D.M. (my horse) didn’t just draw my attention to my coronary heart disease. 

His weird escape from the riding arena & the open fence of the stable made me forget about my heart attack & focus on how to catch him & bring him back to safety.

I gathered my force & managed to put his halter on. I led him back to his box, finally. 

But something very special was happening.

My Horse Felt For Me

As soon as he saw me taking the first couple of steps towards him, he lowered his head & neck & started walking towards me.

With much difficulty, I put his halter & rope on. I  hung onto his rope with both hands & I felt as though he was lifting me all the way to his box.

Now he was safely back in his box. Phew!

Luckily, Welcome’s box is right next to the stable entrance & my car is parked just outside.

At this point, I had only one goal.

I Was Dying

I wanted to get home as soon as humanly possible to die in my bed in peace.

Turning the steering wheel at the roundabout was like pulling 100 pounds at the gym.

I was dizzy & I assumed it’s because I didn’t have breakfast, or perhaps I got sunstroke, or maybe because I didn’t sleep well last night…

At this point, I’m totally in denial about having a heart attack!

Why would I have a heart attack if I’m moving my body almost every day walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming? 

No smoking, no alcohol, no sugar, no dairy products, no beans or grains, no bread, no junk food or soda, gluten & lactose? 

I booked myself a ticket on the "NO" train... 

Back Home Safe 

I took a warm shower, had lunch & off I went for an afternoon nap.

I woke up after about an hour feeling better so I didn’t feel the need to call a doctor or the ambulance.

I’m not really the type to rush to doctors.

I just told a couple of friends who insisted that I seek medical help.

Feeling tired I went to bed early around 9 pm. 

The Next Morning 

Another couple of friends & family members again insisted that I call a doctor.

Given the Covid-19 pandemic, I resisted going to the hospital & I really did not want to call a doctor.

My wife took the initiative to call the telemedicine service, which normally tells you that a doctor will get in touch with you within half an hour.

But as my wife was explaining my symptoms, she was instantly transferred to a doctor. 

We were asked how far the hospital was from our house & whether they should call an ambulance for me. 

We were instructed to head to the Emergency Unit right away! They even asked us why we waited so long? 

We should have gone to the hospital yesterday already!

Once I got to the Emergency, everything happened so fast.

I was immediately moved to the heart intensive care unit where they made some tests & proceeded with inserting two heart stents. I had a heart vessel that was completely blocked!

In Hospital

Luckily, It's The Only Hospital That I Actually Like

I know that sounds weird!

But this hospital is where my wife was born and where she gave birth to our 2 precious children. We had the most amazing birthing experiences at this hospital!

Plus it has my son’s picture hanging at its reception!

It’s the hospital that I know inside out. 

I was invited to its 700’s anniversary a few years back & a guided tour of its facilities.  

I visited & walked around each & every department.

I saw first-hand their meticulous process of cleaning, disinfecting & decontamination of all hospital equipment & beds.  

This hospital is literally the reason why I moved from Egypt to Switzerland back in 2014...

You see, the story is that my wife wanted to give birth to our son in the same hospital she was born in. 

We flew from Cairo to Switzerland to grant her wish & circumstances just led us to stay on in Switzerland for a few months after that.

In the meantime, my wife got pregnant with our second baby & we decided to stay in Switzerland & raise our children here.

So the fact of the matter is that my whole family, including myself now, is born or reborn in this hospital.

This whole near-death experience made me reevaluate my life & there are a few lessons I learned that I’d like to share with you.

Thank to my horse, I now know I have a hereditary coronary heart disease...

Before I headed home from the hospital.

I had to pass by my divine horse to thank him.

Welcome De Monfirak With EquiJuri

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