Do you tend to linger when it comes to sorting out your equestrian business legal documents?

Drifting around the internet & scrolling social media instead?

Or maybe consume more videos or content online in the name of ‘research’...

You’re not alone!

Most online equestrians fall into these rabbit holes.

There’s no reason to panic, just be aware of time suckers!

If you’re intentionally looking into getting your legal stuff sorted out to protect your equine business & avoid legal risks, you’ve just reached the right place to get your back covered.

I'm a Swiss federally certified horse professional who also happens to be a Harvard certified cybersecurity & equine jurist.

So now enough bragging about me, and let’s get your horse business legal issues sorted. 
So you can tick it off your “To Do” list & move it to your “Done” list.

Let’s get you going on the right lead. From a legal perspective I mean.

If you're a online business law veteran, there's less for you here, but beginner equestrian online business owners should grab a latte & dig into this post.

This post is meant to specifically help you equestrians to start sorting out your equine online business legal pages.

This tested & proven - Lawyer-Written- Guide covers the 3 main types of legal documents every equestrian online business needs. It's not legal advice though, but rather an easy & quick to digest legal info.

Many equestrians read this guide & download its free printable pdf version.

Grab yours free Too When You Click The Button at the bottom of the page!

This quick post is worth every minute of your precious time, that I sincerely respect & honor.

It provides you with the basic information you need to understand your required website legal pages to avoid GDPR legal fines. 

It helps you operate your horse business - legally.
It will magically make your online business website main risks disappear.

You’ll walk away knowing what you need to do & the practical options on how to go about it. 

This post obviously doesn’t address every single legal requirement or situation you may face, but rather the essential practical aspects you need to understand and put in place.

If you have any questions though, leave it in the comments below or reach out to me.

I normally answer all the comments I get in the first week from publishing and close it thereafter.

Without any further ado, let’s jump right in!

Click on the picture below to get a quick overview

The 3 Legal Pages Every equestrian business must have On Their Websites 

1. Privacy Policy

This explains to your website visitors what information you collect & what you do (and don’t do) with it.
This is your Personal Data Privacy Policy Statement.

2. Terms of Use (or Service)

This is where you tell visitors about using your site & your products, your sale and refund policy, subscriptions, and disclosures about reviews and affiliate links (disclose these if you use them).

To avoid opening yourself up to lawsuits from around the world, include the governing law and courts for any related disputes in your terms of use document.

3. Disclaimer

This is to comply with the Federal Trade Commissions by telling visitors that results are not typical, that your website or blog is for information purposes only not legal, health or wealth advice. That your website is not in any way endorsed by Facebook or Google or part of it.

Online Business Legal Resources
For more legal compliance information you can check the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It’s the authority that controls most of the online business laws in the USA.

These include for example:

- Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.
- US Small Business Administration Self Employment Guide.
- The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act of 1999.

There you have. It's more or less the same in most jurisdictions but make sure to hire a lawyer who knows what he's talking about in your country. To customize it and make it compliant to your jurisdiction.

Check out this post to learn more about the other contracts your business may need.

Now, What’s Next?

It’s up to you to decide how to go about sorting the legal documents you need for your equestrian website or blog to bulletproof your horse business online.

You mainly have 2 ways to implement them today:

Schedule A Free Consultation With An Equine Lawyer

Schedule a virtual 25-minute free consultation with me personally to discuss how I can draft a custom made contract that perfectly fits your business needs.

Rest assured that I’ve got your back covered. Knowing that your business is bulletproofed against legal risk and liability that comes your way often unexpectedly.

Click the button on the bottom of the page to schedule a call now.

Website Legal Pages & Contract Templates

Last but not least, you can pick and choose what legal templates you want to buy from a lawyer approved contracts template shop.

We researched the entire internet to offer you these specially selected contracts. It’s drafted with specifically you equestrians in mind to fully protect you as an equine online entrepreneur and equestrian small business owner.

The good news is that with these templates the legal heavy lifting is already done for you. Plus it comes with several bonuses including community exclusive membership where you can ask lawyers & equestrian entrepreneurs any legal questions.

Don’t stay legally vulnerable and miss out on all these great offers.

You’re not doing anybody any favors procrastinating & leaving yourself and family exposed to fines & business risks if the shit hits the fan!

Click the button on the bottom of this post to get the legal pages templates now.

Take action today. act now! 

Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing. It won’t get you anywhere. It will only get you in trouble.

Protect yourself & bulletproof your equestrian business now!


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