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You've just landed on the right foot to get the latest marketing help for your horse business online using google search Ads...

Before we jump in, let's clarify some key questions:

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform.

When Was Google Ads Launched?

Google Ads was launched on October 23, 2000. Its name back then was Google Adwords.

Are Google Ads Legit?

Yes, it is. 

It’s legit for you when you comply with Google Policies & relevant laws.

These include intellectual property, commerce, business, privacy, data & advertising laws that apply to you and/or the place you do business or where your clients are.

Get your website legal pages, business contract & documents templates now to avoid GDPR fines & lawsuits coming your way.

Are Google Ads Free?

Opening your Google Ads account is 100% free of charge. In your free account, you can also use Google Ads’ Keyword Planner for free.

You only pay when you run ads.

Google may also offer you a $100 coupon gift when you open your account & spend your 1st $100 on ads.

What Is Google Ads Keyword Planner?

Google Ads Keyword Planner helps you research keywords for your Search Campaigns. The Keyword Planner is free when you set up a Google Ads Account.

The Google Ads Keyword Planner helps you discover keywords related to your business, the number of monthly searches they receive & the price to bid for them.

Google Keyword Planner Marketing Help For Your Horse Business

Your info is safe as per our most recent policies & terms.*

How Does Google Search Ads Work?

When a searcher clicks your text ads on their results pages after they type their search queries, you are charged for that click. For your text ad to show on their search results pages, their search queries have to match the keywords that you chose & bid (paid) for in a process that’s called “auction”. 

The ad auction is how Google chose which ad to show & how it is positioned on the search results page that appears after you type your search query.

So you choose the keywords that will trigger showing your ads when searchers type them in their search queries. You can set your budget cap. You can adjust your monthly budget or pause your ads anytime

So you only pay Google when someone clicks on your text ad.

How Google Ads Auction Works?

Google Ads decides which ads show with an ad auction, which happens when someone searches on Google. When you set your budget or bid, you tell Google Ads the amount you offer to pay for a click on your search ad.

Accordingly, like in all other forms of advertising, the advertiser who can afford to pay the most to acquire a new customer or client will probably win.

However, Google also has an Ad Rank & Quality Score to maintain the quality of its user experience & ads which also come into play here as I’ll explain in a moment. 

What’s The Difference Between Google Ads Keywords Vs Search Query Terms

Search query terms are the words you type in your search box when you Google or search for something.

Google Ads’ Keywords are the keywords related to your business, that you choose when you run your Google Ad. Your ad shows on the results page when somebody types a search query that matches your chosen keywords.

You can also choose Negative Keywords that you don’t want your ads to show if somebody types them in their search queries.

It's important to note that there Are Two Different Key Matching Types For Keywords You Can Choose In Google Ads:

Keyword Broad Match

This is the default match type. 

It shows your ad when someone searches for that a keyword or topic related to it.

For example, if you choose, horse, as a broad match keyword, your ad may show for search queries related to “horse” like equine, equestrian, horse riding, black horse, horse feed or horse power.

Keyword Phrase Match

It shows your ad when someone searches for a keyword or topic that at least includes your keyword.

For example, if you chose “race horse” as a phrase match keyword, your ads may show for search queries including “race horse” like black race horse, fast race horse, expensive race horse, race horse winner, race horse for sale or race horse prize. 

Keyword Exact Match

It shows your ad when someone searches for a keyword or topic that exactly typed your keyword.

For example, if you chose [Show jumping horse] as an exact match keyword, your ads may show for search queries that exactly typed show jumping horse.

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a digital advertising model where you, as an advertiser, pay publishers when the ad is clicked. Google Ads works as a pay-per-click advertising platform. It works as an intermediary between publishers & advertisers.

So you pay Google to show your ads on their results page when someone clicks on them. Google in turn may pay publishers to display ads on their websites, videos, or apps & ads. That happens on another platform called Google Adsense.

Google Ads Bootcamp to get Marketing Help For Your Horse Business

Google Ads Bootcamp to get Marketing Help For Your Horse Business

What Is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is where publishers get paid by Google to show advertisers’ ads on their (publishers’) websites. 

Google Ads Vs Google SEO?

With Google Ads you can drive traffic to your business through paid ads.

With Google SEO or Search Engine Optimization you can drive traffic through your website content or blog posts.

Combining both traffic sources gives you the best of the both world, start by running paid ads to test & learn what keywords convert searchers to clients. Then use SEO to optimize your content around these keywords. 

So you can gradually increase your organic SEO traffic & reduce your ad spend so you can pay to discover new keywords that convert well for your business.

This way, you keep the traffic flowing to your business.

Can Google Search Ads Be Profitable?

Google gets 63K searches every second of every day!

It’s the largest search engine & traffic source on the planet.

Google Search Ads can be profitable if they get you the click that eventually gets you back more than a dollar for each dollar you spend on ads.

If you believe in the 80%-20% Pareto principle, Google can bring you 80% of your audience or clients.

Sometimes if you can break even or get a new lead (or the contacts of your prospects) even at a little loss that you can eventually sell & upsell them your premium services for profits then it would also be profitable for your business.

It depends on what goal you want Google Search Ads to help you achieve as a small business owner.

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How Much Do I Pay Google Ads Per Click?

It depends on your business & sector or niche.

Most niches range between $1 - $2 a click. 

Some professional niches like legal, may reach $9 on some keywords.

How Much Monthly Budget Do You Need For Google Ads?

You can set the monthly budget cap you want for your business, by fixing your daily budget cap. 

You can start at any daily budget that makes sense & feels good to you.

I would say you can start with a minimum of $10 a day. It will take you some time to get conversion data. But if you can set it at $20 a day, it can be a good start.

Your objective is to make ad spend unlimited by turning it into an investment, not a cost. That’s only possible when you make direct response Google Search ads profitable for your business.

How Google Search Ads Can Help Me Sell More Services As A Small Business Owner?

Google Search Ads can help you sell more services to existing & new clients.

If your Google Search Ads entice searchers to take the next step after they click on your ad. Google Ads calls it a conversion which includes:

  • Fill a form to acquire a new lead (your prospects contact details or email)
  • Get the phone to ring
  • Get a sale
  • Download an app 

How Google Search Ads Can Help Me Generate A Lead In 2022?

Typically advertisers offer something of value in exchange for searchers’ contact details or email addresses. Marketers call it a freebie or lead magnet

Like a free report, consultation, checklist, or template for example. 

(Check out Thrive Themes below to learn how to make your lead magnet).

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How To Generate Leads With Google Search Ads?

The fastest & easiest way is to offer your audience a bribe to subscribe.

Offer something of value that they want & relevant to their context in exchange for their contact details or email.

Marketers tend to call it a freebie or a lead magnet. So you don’t send your paid search ads traffic to a paid offer but rather to a landing page where they have to sign up to get their freebie. 

The Freebie can be a checklist, template, industry report, secrets, trends, playbook. Something that gives them a quick win & a taste of what it feels like to work with you. Like the amuse-bouche, you get when you visit a restaurant. 

Then you can eventually nurture them with email & offer them your paid services.

Just make sure you get their permission for that when they give you their contact details.

There’s a lead form option in Google Ads too that searchers can fill without having to go to a separate landing page.

To grow your business, shift your focus from generating leads or revenue to making more profit.

Search Ads is your most efficient channel as it helps you reach a wide audience & capture your searcher intent (what they want). 

When you hone your copywriting & messaging then you can move to picture & video ads to boost your results.

What Are The Types Of Google Ads Search Campaigns That You Can Run?

Here are 3 key steps to help you. It’s inspired by Google Waterfall Formula they use to advertise their own products.

Step 1: Set Your Goal Using Available Data

Run your Search Ad Campaign to a clear goal.

What do you want to achieve exactly? 

New leads or sales? Or even better profits?

Choose the metric & value you want to reach. 

Example: Take profit from $10k to 13K next 6 months... & work it backward.

So if you sell a consultation for $1k then you need to sell 3 of those.

If you know from your data that you need to meet 10 clients online for 3 to buy. So how many leads do you want to generate a meeting? Maybe a 100.

If you reach 1000 potential clients searching for what you want, then maybe 100 will sign up. 

Use your data or research data from similar businesses to know your numbers. Then work it backward.

Step 2: Set Up Your Conversion Tracking 

Set up your conversion tracking to get the data you need to measure against. 

(Here’s how to set up your conversion tracking)

Step 3 Test, Learn & Improve

By reviewing your data you will see what works & what doesn’t.

Cut what doesn’t work & do more of what works.

So if a search ad is your first step, what type of Google Search Ads you can run first?

There’re a few types of Google Search Ads depending on the perspective you look from:

Branded Search Ad

This is the search ad you run so that your website appears when a searcher types your brand name in their search query.

Non-Branded Search Ad

This is the search ad you run so that your landing page appears when a searcher types a keyword you bid for. From the landing page, you can collect their contact details (leads) or directly make the sale.

Responsive Search Ad

This Responsive Ad type adapts to show more text & relevant messages—to your audience. You put many headlines & descriptions so Google Ads can automatically test different combinations. Google Ads will eventually learn which combinations perform best for you.

A Responsive Ad adjusts its size, appearance & format to fit ad spaces available for you. A responsive ad may appear as a small text in a place & a large image in another. 

Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ad text is meant to save you time by automatically generating its text by extracting content from your website, without you having to write it. 

Is Google Smart Campaign Different From Google Ads Search Campaign?


In a Google Smart Campaign: 

  • You write your ad 
  • Choose keyword theme 
  • Set your budget 

Then your ad shows to your audience on Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Gmail & Google partners’ websites.

Can I Use Google Ads Without Having A Website?

If you don't have a website, you can create a local page on Business Profile & advertise with Smart Campaigns in Google Ads.

How Long Does It Take For Google Ads To Start Running Your Search Ads?

When you first set up your Google Ads account, it normally takes 24-48 hours for Google to review & activate your account.

After your account is set up, Google reviews your campaigns or ads within 1 business day. 

However, some reviews may take a bit longer if the ad requires a more in-depth review.

Follow Google Ads Policies & Best Practices in order for reviews not to get complex & take more time.

Where Does A Google Search Ad Appear?

Your Google Search Ads appear on the search engine results pages (“SERP”) that Google shows searchers when they type in their search queries related to the keywords you chose for your Google Ads Search Campaign. 

Where & When Do Your Search Ads Appear on SERPs?

It depends on your Bid, Schedule, Ad Position, Rank & Quality Scores. 

That’s a whole different question that’s not very simple to answer…

The answer is a bit of a mystery that only Google knows 100%!

Anyone else, including me, only knows some factors that may help like: 

Ad Position, Rank & Quality Scores

This is the secret sauce of Google Ads. It’s made up of several factors. Some of it is still a mystery. Google keeps it this way so nobody abuses the system.

However, we know most of the factors. The most important of which is relevancy & engagement. 

Like most other online platforms, Google wants people to enjoy their experience on their platform. They want to offer the searchers relevant results for what they are looking for so they can engage by reading, clicking & buying. 

Ad Position

Ad Position is the order of your ad in the auction results. 

Having your ad being no “1” doesn’t mean that your ad will appear 1st thing on the search engine results page (“SERP”) as compared to other ads when someone types a search query related to your keywords. 

Google Calls These:

Top & Absolute Top positions

These top positions have their Prominence Metrics, which can give you a sense of where your ads are positioned on the (“SERP”).

Unlike Ad Position, these metrics don’t reflect the order of your ads compared to other ads, but the actual location of your ads on the SERPs.

You can use the Target Impression Share bid strategy with the option to target the top or absolute top of the page if you want to target these top positions.

Your Google Ads Quality Score

Shows how healthy your ads & keywords are from Google’s point of view.

The “Big 3” Factors Are: 

  • Your ad relevance 
  • How much it is clicked by searchers or your click-through rate
  • The landing page experience you offer to the visitors who land on it 

Google Ads works best for advertisers, customers & publishers your ads are relevant & closely matching what searchers or your prospects are looking for.

What Is Ad Rank? 

Google Ads calculates your Ad Rank for your ad in the Ad Auction. Ad Auction is how Google decides if your ad shows & how they're positioned.

Ad Rank Has Six Factors:

  • Your bid or how much you’re willing to pay for a click
  • The quality of your ad & landing page
  • Being relevant to intent & context of the searcher
  • Your ad headline & ad extensions

Google calculates your cost per click based on your Ad Rank.

You can test your landing page here.

Ready To Start advertising on Google or you still want to learn more?

Where To Learn Google Ads For Free?

Skillshop (formerly Academy For Ads) is Google’s training center. 

It’s your library of free online courses by Google experts. You can learn at the speed of your own engine.

Where To Find Google Ads Influencers, Courses & Books ?

I would highly recommend Perry Marshall The Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords.

Perry offers many Google Ads Courses on his website too that offer good value for money.

Mike Rohdes Agency Savvy is also a good option.

Profitable Promotion by Kathie is also a good course.

Where To Get Google Ads Certification?

Check out Google Digital Garage for online courses, live training & certifications.

What’s Google Ads App?

Google Ads now has an app that you can run your ads from. It’s on both Google Play & App Store.

What’s Google Ads Editor?

It’s a free app to make changes to your ads offline. Then upload the changes to Google Ads. It helps you save time & make changes in bulk. Changes like your ads headlines, descriptions & link extensions.

How Do I See The Performance Reports Of My Search Ads?

With the Report Editor you can customize your dashboard, create charts & graphs of any specific data that you want. You can also share it.

How To Get Started With Google Ads?

  1. You will start off by setting up your account
  2. Choose the location, audience, schedule & budget
  3. Create your first campaign  
  4. Create your first ad group
  5. Finally you’ll chose your keyword & match type

To help you get started with Google Ads, Google will give you $500 in free ad credit when you spend $500**.

To Get This Offer:

1- Click here:

2- Then ‘Start now’ to redeem this offer.

Here Is How Google Search Ads Look Like:

Google Search Ads Vs Facebook Ads?

Google search ads appear when someone is actively searching for something.  It’s the current day & age form of direct response marketing.

Facebook Ads is a pattern interruption marketing. You interrupt someone with your ad while she or he’s scrolling his friends’ Facebook posts.

What Is Google Ads Wrapper?

AdWords Wrapper is a tool that wraps keyword phrases in 'quotation marks' (phrase match) and [square brackets] (exact match) for use in Google AdWords campaigns. 

What Is Google Analytics UTM Builder?

It’s a tool to build links so that you can identify from which search ad campaign the traffic is coming from & which ones are more profitable for your business.

Here’s a link to the UTM Builder Tool.

What Are Google Search Ads Best Practices For 2024?

Check out Google Ads Best Practices Newsletter.

It’s approved by Google Ads’ Team. It’s full of tips to help you understand Google Ads.

Subscribe to Google Ads Best Practices Newsletter here.

Whether you want to learn to do your Google Search Ads yourself or hire a specialist, 

here’s how to move forward...

Where Can You Take Google Ads Knowledge Check Assessment?

You can take it here but you need to log in to your Google Account first.

You can also choose your learning paths as per your specific needs here.

How To Become A Google Search Ad Certified Specialist? 

Google Search Ads Certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers you when you demonstrate proficiency & mastery building & optimizing Google Search Campaigns. 

What’s Google Search Ads Certified Specialist Yearly Salary?

It depends, but you can earn from $42.6 to $66.5k per year. Sometimes a bit more or less.

How Can You Start Advertising On Google?

If you're ready to jump in here's your checklist on how to set up your account in 10 easy steps.


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