Pixem Camera Description

Are you ready for more horse riding videos?

Ride, train, share, sell, shoot videos & have fun.

Pixem Camera Helps You Film Yourself Or Take Lessons Remotely With Your Phone…

Easy live streaming your videos on Youtube or Social Media for your audience & fans.

PIXEM adjusts the zoom in & out of your smartphone or tablet automatically, in real-time.

You can film yourself or others more often with a robot cameraman saving you the money you would normally pay to a real cameraman.

With PIXEM you can now record videos for horse shows, equestrian conferences & equine events!

You can also use your own smartphone or tablet to film yourself.

There's no need to buy any additional camera...

Where To Buy Pixem Camera

You can buy the Pixem Camera directly from its producer here*.

pixem-robot-cameraman - EquiJuri

Pixem Camera Price

You can buy Pixem Camera at $699. And you can also rent it out.

It has several accessories that go with it. You can check all that out.

Pixem Cameraman Robot Uses

PIXEM adjusts the zoom in & out of your smartphone or tablet automatically...

It automatically follows you & your horses movement in real-time.

You can film yourself or others more often with a click of a button.

PIXEM comes with an adapter to fit your smartphone & tablet of any size.

Pixem has a free Apple & Android app to control your business as a sports coach, videographer or artist…

With Pixem you can take live lessons with a distant coach. Or you can offer them too.
Your coach can watch you in real-time on the Movensee website.
You can get & give instant feedback on wireless earphones.
It’s like using Skype or Facetime live while you horseback ride or coach.

All that is super responsive, accurate, move softly, quietly & with 360° rotation.

Included with your Pixem: a robot, smartphone & tablet holder, tag, silicone wristband, 3 beacons + small tripods, batteries, chargers, plugs for the country of delivery.

Indoor & Outdoor recording Range: 330ft – 100 meters.

Compatibility: smartphones & tablets.

Shipping: Worldwide through DHL.

Guarantee: 14 days money-back guarantee.

Plus PIXEM is super easy to use…

Wear the watch, put 3 beacons around the playground, switch-on & you're good to go!

No calibration time.

Enjoy the video!

Now, you can learn more on how to grow your equestrian coaching business with Pixem here.

Pixem Camera Robot - Horse Riding
Pixem Camera Robot


How do you record yourself riding? Or Setup A PIXEM Camera?

  • Prop up Your Phone... 
  • Set up a Tripod...
  • Put your motion track camera on...
Pixem Cameraman Robot

What is Pixio?

PIXIO & PIXEM are auto-follow cameras that accurately film moving objects (eg. horse & rider). They work perfectly indoors & outdoors with a range of approx. 100 m.

They use fully-automatic zooms.


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