How To Start An Equestrian Business Online in 2024

Most horse professionals offer their online training courses on popular platforms...

rather than through their self-hosted websites under their own equestrian business...

Even when they have their own equestrian business idea, they don't have the right limited company form, company type or legal business structure for their equestrian business...

The problem is, they don't focus on building their private equity in their own digital brands...

Even worse, they don't have any written client contracts to protect their rights & limit their legal & financial risk exposure.

These minor overlooked details typically lead to enormous legal disasters & financial losses!

Yes, the devil is always in the details!

I'm not writing this blog post to scare you, but being an equine lawyer, investor & coach for over two decades now, I'm here to raise your awareness.

Relax. I've got your back!

I'm offering you FREE equine legal & equestrian business tips & tricks that I typically charge thousands of dollars for.

My clients are typically equestrian celebrities, professional horse clubs, riders & equine business owners who want to start, secure, scale or sell their businesses leveraging the power of the internet.

I help my clients form & grow their own equestrian business online so they can:

- Minimise their risks & costs; and
- Maximise their profits.

So if you're a horse professional who wants to start or grow your equestrian business online, you're in the right place. This blog post is for you.

Want To Grow Your Digital Equestrian Brand Online (In 2024)?

Do you feel held back because you lack the resources... money, skills, knowledge, experience, team or office?

If so, don’t worry!

I'm here to rest you assured that nothing of that matters anymore this year.

Cloud servers, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, blockchain & the internet of things came at the speed of light to turn the table upside down on everyone…These technologies can do all this for you...

We’re now in the new age...

The new wave of change!

You're either ready to ride it or you're obsolete.

And pretty soon, I'm afraid...


Here's an overview to help you make up your mind:

Traditional Brick & Mortar vs. Modern Online Equestrian Businesses in 2024

The traditional 9 to 5  employment model of working for a well established equestrian brand until you retire... only then to be able to live your dream retirement...

This is history.  

To me, the old-school brick & mortar equestrian business models seem too cumbersome now.  

Today, you don’t need to hire a large equine team, seed or venture capital finance.

You don't even need premises for head offices to start or grow a hugely profitable equestrian business that has a global impact, influence & audience.

You can leverage the power of new online business models, automation technology & the internet to form a mini (small) limited liability company that generates huge unlimited profits...

I’ll show you the same process of how I started my own equestrian businesses online from scratch without hiring any employees, renting offices or getting any finance

I’ll show you my equestrian framework step-by-step.

I’ll distill my twenty years of learning into a clear goal, simple strategy & daily action plans, so you can avoid the roller-coaster experiences all small equine business owners go through...

I’ll teach you what you need to know & show you how to do it on your own schedule in my upcoming Series Of Blog Posts. They're all FREE for your grabs.

Most horse entrepreneurs online that I came across virtually throughout the years want to live their dream equestrian lifestyle un-retire from doing what they love...being around horses!

If this resonates with you & you can invest the time, the Miniature Horse Online Business Framework I explain here will make perfect sense & feel wonderful to you too. 

If you don't have much time & can afford to invest some money, I will also show you the programs that I personally took, paid for & recommend to start or take your horse business to the next level online.

Why Is It Important To Have An Equestrian Business Online In 2024?

As opposed to traditional old school brick & mortar businesses, small online businesses can offer their equestrian info or digital products or services to customers anywhere in the world.

As an equestrian online business owner, you can also work on your horse business from anywhere in the world (so long as you have a laptop & internet connection), which makes this an ideal business model for digital horse nomads, or professional horse riders who like adventure or to travel around to attend horse shows & events.

I've been traveling the world for over 10 years now with the support of my miniature horse online business & equestrian digital brands (EquiJuri, EquiTraveler, Avenches Horse Community & Rebat El Khil)

Time is also an important factor for equestrian online businesses. You can help your customers or sell to them any time of the day, 24/7 without having opening & closing hours as you'd have in a traditional equestrian brick & mortar business.

If you setup your systems & tech automations correctly, artificial intelligence & machine learning can help you make money on autopilot...Even in your horse truck sleep!

Cost, is of course another important factor. With these new equestrian online business models i'm showing you, you can automate large chunks of your equestrian business tasks, which makes you less reliant on staff you'd have to hire to get things done on time.

In these blog post series I'll show you how to start & run your horse business like high precision Swiss clockwork with superior quality.

Why Start An Equestrian Business Online In 2024?

The New Normal To Start An Equestrian Business

If you are waiting for things to one day go back to “Normal”, I’m afraid to tell you they’re not.

There is a “New Normal” underway & you’d better catch that wave if you want to not just survive in the new world but rather thrive.

The New Model of Online Businesses has proven its efficiency, so why go back to old ways with smaller local markets, high costs, commutes & offices?

Also, you want to start building a digital asset that you own so that you can have control over your future without depending on employment.

The Good News

We’re still at the beginning of Web 3.0. So you get the opportunity to start where everyone else is starting, even the pioneers.

It used to take us so much time to start up an online equestrian business or build a horse website. Today, you can start one in a matter of minutes.

It’s never been so cheap to buy the technology you need for your online business. Soft & hardware have become very affordable. There is a very low barrier to entry, but the bar of success is at all times high. 

We’re still in the beginning of the trend, online purchases have become so mainstream post the pandemic. 

Markets & audiences are ever so ready for online transactions, meetings etc.

Unfortunately, many brick & mortar businesses drowned into bankruptcy.

Now is the best time to spot opportunities since their assets are offered at very cheap prices to acquire.
So why don't you ethically take these bargains.

Black Friday offers discounts are right around the corner, so try not to miss them!

The Bad News

A huge wave of New Technology is sweeping us. You’ll either drown or ride the wave.

We don't have an option. We have to decide & act fast. Change is the name of the game.

A new economic cycle is starting & you need to adapt quickly! 

You need to be up to speed with new technology trends to survive the shift. 

You need to take action quite quickly so as not to be left behind.

The Easiest Models To Start An Equestrian Business Online

Service businesses offering information (or digital) products are by far the easiest equestrian businesses to start online. 

Because you don't need a physical product. So you don't need to worry about finding Chinese suppliers, inventory, warehouses & logistics. But rather digital or information products & services.

This means you don't need to invest a lot of money upfront. You don't need to count on someone else to start taking control of your future.

One lucrative example would be an online consulting or coaching business.

Check out the Online Business Consultant Definitive Guide Here.

You can set up a consulting business quite quickly, with little to no money or startup capital.

What you need is a simple website & a social media presence.

"Want an Online Business Consultant Website?
"This Is The Most Practical All-In-One Suite For You!

Thrive Themes Template - EquiJuri

How To Start Your Online Business in 2024

But how can you start a business or grow the digital brands that support your dream lifestyle in 2024? 

If You’re Like Me & You Want To:

  • Grow your future fortune by growing the value of your assets of digital equity & brands
  • Outsource work to a few top-notch players 
  • Be a small digital business owner (not a freelancer or solo entrepreneur)
  • Have global influence & impact helping your clients & audience
  • Work on what you are good at & love
  • Be up to date about the latest technology trends
  • Travel & work from anywhere in the world you want
  • Freely choose who, when & what to work on
  • Develop yourself personally / professionally & the world into a better place

But You Don’t Want To:

  • Be an employee in a 9 to 5 corporate job 
  • Have a large head office 
  • Report to a boss, managers, directors, boards or shareholders 
  • Be a freelancer, professional, artist or scientist who trades your valuable time for limited money
  • Pay monthly overheads, payrolls & utility bills for a large team or office building
  • Waste your valuable time commuting & getting stuck in traffic 
  • Barely covers your expenses living from pay check to pay check
  • Retire from doing what you are good at, love & enjoy

Meanwhile You Believe That:

  • Your magnetic secret weapon of mass disruption lies in your positive attitude, gratitude & love
  • You create value by helping people solve their problems & achieve their dream lifestyles with empathy
  • Your time is your most valuable asset & you should enjoy every second of it right now
  • Internet & technology are the most powerful tools you have in today's information age
  • You have the power to live your dreams regardless of where you start
  • Your dreams come true if you set an intention, plan & execute from where you are with what you have
  • You can figure out just about anything using the power of Google & the internet  
  • You can acquire any knowledge without drowning in student loans at Ivy League Universities
  • Your life purpose is not just to survive but thrive & inspire your audience to thrive with you too
  • Your mission is to develop yourself & the world into a better place by learning, doing & teaching
  • You lead by setting a role model example to be followed by your clients, followers & audience

If that's you too. Here's below you find your formula for success online in 2024.

(If you're still not yet settled on your goals for 2024, check out these 8 Goal Setting Tips For Incredible Results in 2024. They'll inspire you to set your goals & achieve incredible results not just in the equestrian field "as they were first intended to address equestrians", but in all walks of life. They work like charm & will work for you perfectly in 2024. Give it a try!

You can also check out my last year's (7-Step Quick-Start Success Plan), most of my audience found it very helpful last year. It's still very helpful for your success plan in 2024.)

The Formula For Starting Your Equestrian Business Online & Growing Your 3 Digital Brands (Services)

My One (1) Company Band For Digital Brands For Business Nomads that I explain in these series is a proven formula for starting or growing your dream online business & digital brands right now. 

It involves a few projects that build more wealth & influence over time as opposed to putting all your eggs in one traditional employment basket or brand.

Beware that number one (1) is the most dangerous number in business! 

The One (1) Company Band For Digital Brands For Business Nomads helps you start or grow a diversified stream of profits that allow you to live your dream lifestyle from 2024 onward. 

So when you get older, you can work as much (or as little) as you want to live your meaningful lifestyle with wealth, health & happiness.

Now, let’s take a deep dive on how to get started from scratch or grow your own One (1) Company Band For Digital Brands if you already have a business. Your One (“1”) Company Band For Digital Brands Framework allows you to live your best digital nomad & adventure travels in 2023.

Ready? Let's jump in.


Here’s an overview of the One (1) Company Band For Digital Brands framework:

In a nutshell, you start by forming a special purpose vehicle ("SPV") (or in other words limited liability company) to offer a consultancy or coaching service to a few clients. From there, you sell other people’s products as an affiliate (through affiliate marketing) & discover which products are most in demand. You then fine-tune your own flagship premium program as your core offer & customise that into a core service that can be productised & sold as an off-the-shelf digital product (Online Course). Now, you finally become an expert in your niche so you can invest & position yourself as an investor to whom deals & opportunities are offered.

This process doesn’t have to be linear.

On the one hand, you can start from scratch, step-by-step in the order I just described above.

On the other hand, if you already have an existing business, you can jump in at any stage to fill the gaps, or add new streams of profits or digital brands to your existing revenue streams or brands, so that you secure a well diversified stream of profits.

Even though you can start at any time, the best time really is right NOW.

Diversify Your Streams Of Revenue

The One (1) Company Band for Digital Brands (EquiJuri)

These are the gems & fruits of my labor. I’ve been living over a quarter of a decade as a digital nomad traveling, enjoying several diversified streams of revenue & living my dream equestrian lifestyle in Switzerland.

I am blessed with my own One (1) Company Band For Digital Brands specialised in equine legal, marketing & management consultancy services. I offer my flagship programs through my digital brands while I enjoy invest in horses, the stock market, cryptocurrency & real estate. 

Here are the links to my Digital Brands:

MSLS: My One Band Company (LLC) that owns & manages the following digital brands:

EquiJuri: An equestrian online agency that helps horsewomen showjumping new highs. 

eCorporateLawyers: A premier community that helps corporate lawyers grow their virtual practices. Legal services for online celebrities, small & fortune 500 business owners.

EquiTraveler: An equestrian sports online travel agency that helps equine fans attend horse shows.

A Horse Community: Avenches, Switzerland Horse Virtual Community.

Start Crochet: A hobby niche site that helps moms learn to crochet & make beautiful handmade items for their loved ones.

I’ll give you my Framework completely FREE, but you have to invest the time to implement it if you want to get it right.

Or you can pay for the programs I recommend to get faster & easier results with my guidance.*

I've put together a series of in-depth posts that provide clear insights into how to make it all happen for you. 

I call these series The One (1) Company Band For Digital Brands, as we'll use what will come from technological waves of change in the future to discover the most profitable & meaningful digital business ideas...

Here’s a bit more detail about each stream of revenue in The One Company Band For Digital Brands Framework:

Online Business Models

There are so many online business models available to you today, but what we're going to focus on here are 4 main models that you can work through in 2024.

These 4 models will allow you to:

  • build digital brands to diversify your streams of revenue
  • maximise your profits, and
  • minimise your expenses.

I've combined these 4 business models into a Framework that you can either follow chronologically, or mix & match at the same time.

What this framework will also allow you to do is to build your own brands that you own through your company, without being attached to your personal brand or name. This will allow these brands to independently grow their profits, value & equity without being dependent on you personally.

This will allow you to step out of the business (or brands), automate or delegate its operation, or even separate a specific brand into a separate business or unit to sell it for profit if want, without harming your brand profits, reputation, equity or valuation.

As your online business & digital brands eventually grow to 6 figures or beyond you can separate the company that own your digital assets from those who deals with third parties to protect them. You can also separate a growing digital brand into its own separate limited liability company.

Framework Steps

Form a limited liability company through which you can offer the services in the following steps to protect your money & other businesses or assets from any risks related to providing these services.

Check out these Four Steps To Start Your Own Business &
these Website Legal Pages For Your Utmost Protection (+ 45 Business Documents & Contracts)
by E-Corporate Lawyers to protect your online company & digital brands.

6 Online Business Models

Worried about cybersecurity of your online business in 2024?
Check out these Cybersecurity Tips To Protect Your Business Now.
If you’re targeting clients in the EU Region, you’ll need to comply with GDPR. Check out 12 Tips To Bulletproof Your Business Against [GDPR] Fines Now

What Are The Benefits Of This Model?

There are many advantages to this model including:

- You avoid putting all your eggs in one employment basket.
- You avoid the overheads of a brick & mortar traditional business.
- You avoid building on other people platforms that you don't control.
- You avoid working as an individual or freelancer with unlimited liability. 
- You limit your liability by working through the SPV (or your limited liability company).
- As a company you can have any type of insurance that covers you & your team.
- You only pay taxes on your profits after deducting your expenses rather than from source.
- You don't trade your time for money as you do if you're a freelancer or independent.
- Your company that deals with clients under contract as a vendor or as an individual (so you can outsource or delegate).
- You build an independent digital brand that you can step out of it or sell it without having the valuation dependent on you personally doing the work.
- Working through a company gives you a more professional impression & corporate identity
- You leverage the power of the internet & technology so you don't need a to grow your team to grow your profits, influence or impact.
- You can extent to the international market rather than only working locally.
- Having separate brands for each service allows them to grow with their independent accounts so you can later sell them or separate them into different companies for liability or acquisition purposes.

As you can see this model has many advantages!

So let's dive in.

Step 1: Start Equestrian Consulting Or Equine Coaching 

At the beginning stage, or to add a new stream of revenue as a side hustle,
you'll start as a consultant or coach.

You'll offer a consultancy or coaching service as your new side hustle.
It’s your new stream of profit or side dish. 

By doing that you start to realise that sales & marketing are as important as your actual craft, product or service.

Good sales & marketing start with targeting a broad group of audience from whom you attract a few clients. To help them solve specific problems or hit their goals.

Your ideal clients & audience will help you discover specific pattern of problems.

These common problems represent your opportunity to test different affiliate products to solve it & later offer a productised service or your own flagship course that offers solutions to these problem as you'll see in the next steps.

To get a deeper understanding of the world of online business coaching check out:
The Definite Guide For The Online Business Coach In 2024.
It's FREE for your grabs.

Worried about your business coaching contracts with your clients?
Check out this:

Coaching Legal Starter Pack!

To get a deeper understanding of the world of online business consultancy, check out this:
Online Business Consultant (Definitive Guide 2024).
It's yours Free. 

Worried about your business consulting contracts with your clients?
Check out these 7-Most Asked Questions About (“Consultancy Contracts”) Answered by E-Corporate Lawyer.

Step 2: Become An Equestrian Affiliate or Horse Content Marketer

With this stream of revenue, you apply to become an affiliate marketer or sell other people’s products or services for a commission. Honing your sales & marketing skills in the first stage will come in handy here. 

Since you’ve already positioned yourself as a trusted source of information, consulting & an online leading authority figure to a specific group of clients & audience, they’ll look to you for help on products or services to purchase to solve their ever-challenging specific problems. 

Affiliate marketing is very effective market research that tells you what your clients & audience want help with. What they vote with their wallets for. What problems or issues do they have with the different offers in your niche? What they like & don't like about the affiliate products they buy.

This information is priceless to guide you in designing & building your own flagship program or premium offer in the next stage.

To get a deeper understanding of what Affiliate Marketing is & how you can get started with it,
check out the Affiliate Marketing (Definitive Guide 2024) here. It's Free for your grabs.

Step 3: Create Your Premium Equestrian Course  

Now the time has come & the fruit of your labor is ripe to harvest. 

So you can design a pre-packaged solution that solves one specific problem to a group of clients within your large audience. These are your tribe or close community of clients. So now you move from a 1-on-1 to 1 to many at a set one-off price or recurring revenue course.

At this stage, it’s important to standardise & document your system, tools, habits, rituals, schedule & process. So you can operate like a well-oiled Swiss time machine. 

Now you have your tribe & your audience communities to develop & engage in 2-way conversations with. In order to help them solve their problem using or testing other people’s products or services. This leads us to the 3rd stream of revenues. The affiliate marketer model.

At this stage, you’re now well informed & can take a calculated risk to develop your own digital flagship program or premium offer. It is incredibly rewarding. We’re talking about the entire value ladder or sales funnel. 

I like to start with your core flagship core offer, masterclass, course, or program with your mastermind or events as an upsell or profit maximiser. You can down-sell books, apps, or SaaS. 

Having your own product range, you can now outsource affiliates from among your clients &
audience to sell your offers.

To get a deeper understanding of how to create your own online course,
check out The Definitive Guide For Online Course Creators In 2024. It's Free for your grabs.


Create Beautifully Designed ONLINE COURSES With The
The only WordPress LMS plugin that gives you total design freedom over every aspect of your online school.


Step 4: Invest In Your Equestrian Business Niche Or Horse Riding Discipline

At the final stage, you discover that your business is your most profitable product. Because you can sell it at several multiples of its revenue or actual value to venture capital or investment funds. 

Now it makes sense to invest & be an equestrian investor. Investment deals & opportunities will come your way as long as you position yourself as an investor in your niche or industry. You’ll have deals flow in your pipeline. 

This can be in the form of direct or portfolio investments in both public & private equity businesses or startups in your hometown or overseas. 

Finally, you’ll discover that big money is really made buying & selling businesses. And that Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) are also great shortcuts to growing your business & investment assets vertically & horizontally.

At any stage, I like to stick to what I know or your circle of competence & invest money that I can afford to lose. 

No matter how knowledgeable, talented, skilled or experienced you are with fundamental & technical analysis of asset classes or financial markets, investment is still a risky activity. 

So don’t put all your eggs in one basket, or too much money in one trade or market & diversify your streams of profits. 

And remember, that you don’t have to take huge risks to make huge profits. 

Check your life jacket before you jump in a speed boat.

Look for a sailing boat instead. It might be a bit slower, but it’s less noisy & costly. And also it’s more sustainable to the environment.

To get a deeper understanding of investing, check out Investing For Beginners (Your 2024 Essential Guide).

It's yours FREE.

6 Online Business Models - EquiJuri


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