The Horse Business Consultant
(Guide For 2024)

If you’re a pro equestrian...

Swamped about the world of online consulting...

I hear you!

You’ve just arrived at the right time to unfold it’s digital gems...

Keep reading only if you’re a professional horse coach or consultant. Or thinking of launching a consultant career, or a new consultancy business in the equine field. Or perhaps have already decided to do equestrian consultancy. 

I’m thrilled if that's true and you’re already reading this guide. I write it now with only you in my mind. I’m intentional and fully present to write it specifically for you.

Because there’s never been a better time for online equestrian business consultancy. 

The internet has transformed the way we live in today’s world. The way we connect and express ourselves. How we work and what we value.   

Demand for equestrian business consulting & business consultancy in general is at a historical high. More horse people want it. Equestrian businesses need it to overcome their ever more complex challenges online...

 AND the demand for equine consulting is expected to grow faster over the next few years in parallel with the growth of Equestrian sector. A growth estimated at (5% a year at least).

Can you be part of the successful few online equestrian consultants who leverage this huge demand for horses & equestrian sports? 

The global consulting industry revenues (including HR, IT, strategy, technical, operations, management, and business advisory services) will be about $566 billion in 2024, according to EquiJuri Research estimates. 

If you know that you want to start or grow your equestrian consultancy business, this post will help you start or take your next step forward on this amazing venture.

So - Congratulations! you’re in the right place. 


Get Excited! 

Or maybe you want to wait and see if it’s the right horse path for you first.

That’s totally fine too. Just reading this guide will inspire you and give you amazing insights.

If you want to super succeed as an equestrian consultant or skyrocket your horse consultancy business, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. It all happens for a reason. Be gentle to yourself. Be grateful for who you are, have and experience. Be thankful for your scenario and the person it has turned you into.

Develop a solid sense of self. Make peace with yourself. Make enough peace with your past so that you can move forward and say: “hello to the equestrian lifestyle future that you can totally and predictively live”.

Confront your inner critics and devils head-on. Don’t numb it out using medicine, drugs or alcohol or some other woo-woo practices. These will not work.   

There is a reason why you’ve reached this point and are reading this now.

What is it?

You probably have many questions like most equestrian consultants who come to me for guidance. You’re in the right place to find some answers. 

It’s fine to ask for help. Open your heart, soul & mind to receive it. 

Hoping you feel that same enthusiasm I’m personally experiencing right now while writing to you.

If you are a high earning equestrian consultant or dream to become one, this post will give you perspective & more clarity no matter where you are in your journey.

Read carefully to discover the precious insights and secret sauce to growing your equestrian business profits in the coming months offering your equine clients the exact horse related consultancy services you’re passionate about ... 


Are You Ready For This Adventure? 

Your silence can mean a “no” or “yes”. I guess it’s the latter. 

Say it loud: “yes I’m ready to grow my business starting now”.

Enjoy reading the following words, reap its lessons, and most importantly - take action afterward.

After you finish reading to the end. Write down 5 action steps you’re taking this quarter to grow your consultancy business. Why is it important to you? How it will make you feel to achieve it? 

Now, schedule it on your calendar. If it’s not scheduled, you’re not committed and it’s not real.

Here's what we'll cover:

Who Is An Equestrian Consultant?
How To Become A Horse Business Consultant?

Consultants are professionals. They offer expert advice in a specialist field. Examples include accounting, law, marketing, etc...

Have you wondered why many average consultants are making more money than you in other fields, despite them not being any more passionate, knowledgeable, talented, or skilled as you being a horse business consultant?

Do you know that according to the U.S Bureau of the Census, the average personal income is $31,099 per year in 2016? 

Families making $250,000 a year, belong to an elite group who represents the highest 5% of society in the USA? 

Why are only 5% making more money than the remaining 95% of the total population? 

According to MCP's blog, salaries for undergraduates, graduates, and entry-level consultants are:

Consultancy Firms Salaries

These are Consultancy Firms Salaries.

Based on these figures, a consultant’s income is at least three times more than the average personal income from other jobs.

That’s why it is lucrative to be an equestrian business consultant. A profession that attracts employees and entrepreneurs alike.

Let’s have a look at the major advantages of being an equestrian consultant online...

But before we do that. 


Let’s Dig A Bit Deeper

Stop reading now. No matter where you are in your journey at the moment. 

This is going to be worth your time. It will give you more clarity.

Write down a few sentences describing what type of consultant you want to become or dream to be? What are you willing to do and give up doing to achieve that? 

  1. Why do you want to become a consultant and how will that make you feel? 

  1. How much money do you want to make exactly a year from now? Three years from now and by the time you retire?

  1. How much you want to charge for your service?  

  1. How many clients do you wish to have for you to reach your target? 

  1. Who is your ideal prospect, or client? Where do they hang out online and off? What tools do they commonly use? 

  1. Are there enough of them already buying what you want to sell?

  1. Is there a large enough group of prospects to sell to at scale? 

  1. What stressing problems do they have or goals they want to achieve? 

  1. What do you want people to know you for? 

Notice that all these questions are about “What” you want and not “How” you will achieve it?

The clarity about the “How” will come when you take action. You don’t need to know all the “How’s” at this point.

Don’t take dozens of courses. Don't watch or read hundreds of videos or books. Don't try to figure out everything related to consulting all at once. 

You’ll never figure it all out anyway! 

Remember what Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge has limits. Imagination can encircle the world.” 


Shift Your Focus 

From yourself to your clients. Their wants and challenges.

You need to learn what’s necessary for you to take the next step. Not all the steps on the way to your destination. 

Think of riding a horse or driving a car. You can’t see all the way through to your destination. 

You need to see what's ahead of you to know when to make a turn, slow down, speed up or stop, or even make a U-turn. 

Learn what you need as you go.

The best way to learn is through repetition. 

The easiest way to repeat what you’ve learned is by discussing, sharing or teaching it to other people. With your friends, colleagues, prospects, and clients. 

You’ll discover when you work that there is no end destination or goal to your growth as a person or professional. It’s all about enjoying your growth journey and being grateful for it.

Your goals will keep changing and growing along the way. The more goals you hit, the more new goals will arise. They move with you the further you go. 


Back To The Main Advantages Of Being An Independent Consultant

There are many perks to being a consultant. The following is a good starting point to warm you up. There’s much more to discover about the pros and cons of consultancy that are beyond the scope of this post. 

Suffice to say that these (below) are the ones I consider most important and would like to share with you in the questions:


What About A Flexible Schedule?

Consultants have flexible working hours. It depends on their scheduling. This allows for a good work-life balance.


Do You Enjoy Working With People?

A nice social aspect of consulting is that you work with people. You’ll have the opportunity to share interests, ideas, and work ethic. You can work with all kinds of people, in any language and in any field.


Can You Hone Your Skills?

Consultants use their problem-solving skills on a daily basis. This is how they create value and make clients happy. This persuades you to think out of the box and stay creative!


Does A Consultant Have Enough Variety?

As a consultant, you can break the boring 9 to 5 routine by varying your schedule. You can have morning, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly routines. Tweak your routines to keep things fresh, interesting and varied.  


Can You Keep Improving?

People perceive consultants as experts. It means you’ll always need to learn and improve. Follow new trends, influencers, thought leaders, events, and associations in your industry.

Don’t worry if it sounds overwhelming, your routines will soon become unconscious habits. The results are well worth it!


Are There Exponential Growth Opportunities?

Consultants can experience exponential growth early on in their business. Some consultants reach seven figures in a few years. They follow a proven process, show up, and do the work.


Can You Work In A Wide Variety Of Sectors?

Consultants choose their niche from all types of industries. Red and blue oceans! Every client has different expectations, problems, and wants particular services. Consultants get involved in projects of all kinds!


Can Networking Events Be Fun?

A consulting career can be glamorous. From fancy suits, big clients, private jets, vibrant communities, and prestigious events! Networking is crucial to becoming a successful consultant. It’s important to be sociable, interested in people and their thinking at a deeper level.


Don’t You Need A Large Capital To Get Started?

Your consulting business will not need large capital investment to start. You can start at home. Today, with the internet, an email, laptop, and mobile phone, anyone interested in consulting can start their own business. 

You need to discover what you’re good at, who can you help and what set of problems can you solve? What kind of unique transformation can you help your clients achieve?


Do You Need Specific Education To Be A Consultant Or Become An Independent Consultant?

One of the greatest things in consulting is the low barrier to entry. No specific degree is required in most cases. Developing happy and loyal clients and long term relationships are what matters. You can, however, get certified by the Institute Of Management Consultants if you wish.

According to the Career Explorer website, 70% of consultants have a bachelor's degree, with the second most common being a master's degree at 28%. About 11% of graduate consultants held a degree in business, 7% in economics and 4% in finance.

Degrees Consultants Hold

The good news is you can be a consultant in any field you want. 


Yet, The Most Popular Types Of Independent Consultants Are:


Financial Consultant 

Finance is essential for every business. Financial and accounting consultants can help a business with its numbers and finances. They are highly paid. That’s why this niche bloody competitive.


Internet Marketing Consultant Or Online Marketing Consultant

Businesses hire an internet consultant or what other people call online marketing consultants to develop digital marketing plans, online sales strategy, and internet advertising campaigns.


Pay Per Click Consultant

Businesses hire a pay per click consultants to develop digital marketing paid traffic campaigns. Mainly with Google Ads. Or other smaller online pay per click platforms.


Social Media Consultant Or Facebook Ads Consultants

Businesses hire a social media consultant or Facebook Ads consultants to develop their social media presence, campaigns and sometimes large communities or groups. Mainly Facebook as the largest social media platform. This business consultant job normally includes copywriting, targeting and creative work for paid ad purposes.


IT Consultant

Businesses hire an IT consultant to help with information technology-related plans, software, hardware, cybersecurity measures, and network.


Search Engine Optimization Consultant Or SEO Consultant For Short

Businesses typically hire search engine optimization consultant or SEO consultants to help their websites come at the first result page at Google when searchers look for their type of business. Without paying for advertising.


Business Consultant Job

A business consultant job is to help businesses grow and scale. A Business consultant job includes helping their clients with business strategy, tactics, systems, plans, processes, resources, and tools to achieve the business master’s strategic plans.


Career Consultant

Career consultants are in high demand as far as there are jobs. Career counselors guide you into how to climb the corporate ladder. They help you stay safe, fulfilled and productive.


Insurance Consultant

Insurance is important. Most businesses need insurance to help them hedge their business and other life risks.


Legal and Tax Consultant

Legal and tax consultants are lucrative businesses. These consultants help enterprises with legal compliance. Contracts, how to optimize for taxes and avoid fines also fall in their specialty. A good legal or tax consultant can help a business save or make millions of dollars.  

You can join communities that share your same consultancy interest or niche.

These Are Specialist Consulting Associations: 



Wondering why clients hire consultants in all these niches?


The Reasons Why Individuals Hire Consultants And Entreprises Procure Consultancy Services


There are several reasons including without limitation:


Problem Solving Consultancy

A consultant solves problems. That's when a consultant rides in on his white horse to show the way and save the day.


Outsourcing Consultancy

A consultant may substitute some employees. This can save time, payroll money or energy of hiring new full-time employees. Sometimes it makes business sense to hire a consultant instead of an employee.


Expert Consultancy

A consultant must have knowledge, skills, attitude, talents, and passion. It makes sense to hire someone who has a solid track record of achieving the goals you’re planning to achieve.


Drive Change Consultancy

Consultants act as change agents or succession catalysts. Change is hard. Coping with new generations, emerging cyclic trends or market patterns change fast.


Startup Acceleration Consultancy

A consultant can help new businesses or startups. There are consultants who are specialists in bootstrapping or quick starting new companies. They act as a launchpad for new business ventures.


Computer Consultancy

A consultant guides employees on how to use a new cloud platform, widget, app or piece of software. Tech Consultants teach employees new technology, computer, or other related tech skills. 

Consultants need the right professional attitude to complete these tasks efficiently. The mindset is key.  

Since 2000, I’ve worked, trained and taught many thousands of legal consultants, entrepreneurs, business owners, and university students around the world. 

Do you want to know what we’ve learned?


The Most Important Skills To Succeed As A Consultant Are:


  • Growth Mindset.

  • Salesmanship, direct response, online and social media advertising.

  • Content creation and copywriting.

  • Business strategy.

  • Project management.

  • Public speaking.



The Most Successful Consultants Share These Traits:


They Have

Empathy. They have pure hearts. They are authentically willing to help. For them, consultancy is not just to earn a living. It’s about helping clients achieve their full potential. They want to develop the world into a better place.


Curious About

How to improve situations. How to optimize for maximum efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. They feel a rush of enthusiasm for solutions. They are issue spotters.



Both sides of their brains and intuition. They are wise and connected to their inner intuition. They ask the right questions even though they don’t have all the answers. They believe that the right questions reveal the right answers. They are humble. They hear and listen. They facilitate.



A growth mindset. They take the extra mile. They get out of their comfort zone. They develop their knowledge, skills, and attitude. They believe perfectionism is the enemy of progress. The take bold imperfect baby steps. They don’t take no for an answer. They challenge themselves.



A deeper sense of awareness. They are logical, systematic and practical. They avoid cognitive biases and errors of thinking. They have self-awareness. They use their best endeavors to stay neutral. They have a natural talent for understanding people and their psychology.



The Most Common Biases & Thinking Errors That Successful Consultants Should Avoid At All Costs Are:


Cognitive Biases

Anchoring, the sunk cost fallacy, the availability heuristic, the curse of knowledge, and confirmation bias.

(learn more about your biases)


Thinking Errors

All or nothing thinking, over pessimism or optimism, unjustified assumptions, fortune-telling, and labeling.

(learn more about your thinking errors)

There are thousands of online courses that offer several systems to help you start your consulting business or as an independent consultant. 


Legal Errors

Commonly not signing consultancy agreements with their clients to protect both parties' interests. Consultancy agreements is an essential tool for any consultant. It includes your scope of work, rights, obligations, remedies, indemnity, applicable law and dispute resolution. 

(Get your free consultancy contract checklist)


The Most Notable Online Consultancy Course For Beginner Consultants Is:


- Sam Ovens’ “Consulting Accelerator”.

This prominent consultant started his businesses on his own from scratch.  

Grew it to a multi 7-figure online business in just a few years. He teaches you the nitty-gritty you need to succeed as an independent consultant. 

Look no further. His systems are tested & bulletproofed to make thousands of consultants succeed without any prior requirements other than learning and doing the work. 

You can check out most of his students video testimonials too on his website.

This course is designed to help you work successfully as an Online Consultant in the simplest & easiest way. Nothing has helped me grow my legal consultancy business online more that this course. 

I took too, think it's the best quality for money out there & strongly recommend it.

Get A FREE Trial & A Huge Discount Here.

It's at ZERO cost & you can cancel anytime.


The Largest Consulting Firms In The World Include:



Feel free to choose what type of consulting models fits you best. What associations are interesting for you to join.

In any of the above-mentioned courses or companies, you'll be in the heart of the action with some highest-earning consultants in the world. 

You will know how to find your ideal clients. How to solve their most stressing problems for premium fees. 

If you feel that any of the above jobs or courses are a good fit, you have to invest and dedicate yourself to any one of these, follow the system and believe in yourself if you want to have a profitable consultancy career or business.  

My disclaimer is that success is not typical and not everyone will achieve it. There are lots of right things that you have to do right and timely. Good luck is also a factor. But as Oprah said: “Luck is preparation meeting opportunity”. Be prepared to snag the opportunity when it comes to your door. So you can open when it knocks. Be ready.

If you can take these courses and do the work, you’ll be efficient at identifying issues, developing hypotheses, executing plans, testing it, measuring business metrics, interpreting attribution models, understanding data analytics, why it matters, KPIs, presenting recommendations to your clients, and much more sales and marketing tips and tricks to help you achieve your profit goals...

You’ll learn how to help your clients achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. Setting appropriate game plans to execute on vision, mission, strategy, and tactics.

You’ll use proven systems. Processes to hire and lead teams. Delegate like a pro, outsource and automate your tasks like Swiss clockwork.

You’ll have the tools, resources, community and accountability partners to help you succeed. You’ll set yourself up for success. 


As A Consultant 

You need to set the right foundation for your career and business. You must treat your consultancy work as a real business to support your freedom.  

The right foundation means working through a commercial company. Not in your personal capacity. It’s very important to form a company to limit your legal risks and avoid personal liability.  If you act in your personal capacity, your personal money is at risk.

A limited liability company limits your financial risks.  

In most cases, the amount you invested in the capital of the company is the limit of your liability. Another major advantage is optimizing for taxes. 

Businesses pay taxes on their profits. They first deduct their expenses from their revenues. Then pay taxes on their gross profits or what remains.

Being employed means that you get only what’s leftover after paying almost half your income in withholding taxes. So you get your salary after the tax is withheld by your employer at source and you get what’s leftover.

You can learn more about the legal steps to form a company and start your own business.

Starting a consultancy company is a simple business model with a low barrier to entry but a high bar to succeed.  

How would you go about launching and marketing it if you want to get the ball rolling and exponentially grow your business?!


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