How Do You Describe "Horse Girl Energy"?

In the horse world context, I mean...

I'm not a girl, but I kinda think I know how this energy feels!
I'm sure it exists, but don't know exactly how to put it in words.

Maybe If you've experienced this Girl Horse Energy, you can help me out...
I would be honored to publish your thoughts with thousands of my readers here...

Yesterday I was looking for Horse Christmas Gift Ideas that are trending this year.

Sitting home alone in the quiet of the night after my kids went to bed, drinking my cup of tea,
next to my living room plants, by the shore of Lake Biel in Switzerland...

Oh, the 1st bit of snow of this winter, is starting to fall slowly...

snow in Biel Switzerland

So I got my MacBook Air, iPad & iPhone around me to start where all good research starts. 

Googling a few horsey keywords...

After just a few minutes browsing & scrolling...I came across this tool:

Google Trends

Google Trends

via Google Blog

I fell in love with it at 1st sight! 

Because it can help you spot what's trending online in any market... in a snap.

It's not what you THINK people like in your field, or what they SAY they like, but what they ACTUALLY do like - as a matter of fact.

To my surprise, Horse Girl Energy ("HGE") is a rising trend...

Being a visual person, I doodled this simple painting (what ended up looking more like a donkey rather than horse!):

Thinking of myself as having "BDE"...I suddenly realised that there's more to learn about what seems to be the flip side of the coin - Horse Girl Energy or "HGE" for short.

While you may have only heard these acronyms recently online, you’ll be familiar with these zen states...

You may have also experienced these energies yourself!

HGE seems to be the social media buzzword du jour.

What do we know about "HGE"?

Let's discover it together...

But before we do, please promise me to answer the questions (at the bottom of this blog post) to help other GIRLS better understand HORSE GIRL ENERGY, from your experience & perspective! 

Now, are you ready to jump into Horse Girl Energy?

Let's go.

What Does "horse Girl Energy" mean? 

First of all ,Horse Girl can have different meanings or mean different things to different people...

Second, is horse energy only associated with feminine identity?
Or is it a state of being, having, doing, feeling or experiencing a certain energy field? 
That also horsemen can experience?

Is it that zen state of flow? Magic & presence we feel when we're around horses?
Or do we only feel it when we ride?
I would really appreciate if you let me know in the comments below.

Girls are ones who can answer these questions the best.

This blog post is prematurely published as it is still - a work in progress...
Kinda like an unfinished work, that only you girls can finish by answering the couple of questions at the bottom of the page.

I think asking the right questions will hopefully reveal the right answers...
That can be helpful to all of us & the horse world at large.

Who Gets Horse Girl Energy Anyway?

Horse obsessed girls?

Girls who spend most of their time around horses in stables? 

A girl who rides horses in disciplines like: dressage, showjumping, hunter, western, eventing, racing or polo... 

Is she a pro or an amateur who just rides for pleasure on a beach or in the woods?

If your life is mostly around horses, you're probably a Horse Girl. 

Do you remember the good old days, that classmate who never missed going to the Pony Club during her summer holidays?

That's surely a Horse Girl.

Or that girl who left school & traveled to Europe to become a horse professional?

Horse girls definitely have an energy!

What Is "HORSE GIRL ENERGY" about?

Is it related to the new song "HORSE GIRL ENERGY" released by New Primals?

Or, Is it about Netflix's "Horse Girl" Movie?

Horse Girl is a 2020 American psychological drama film directed & produced by Jeff Baena,
the producers of The One I Love & Safety Not Guaranteed.

It stars Alison Brie, Debby Ryan & John Reynolds.
Apart from acting, Brie also co-wrote the script of 'Horse Girl' along with Baena.

Horse Girl is a movie is about Sarah... 

A quiet girl who loves horses...
A girl that has a little trouble sleeping...
A girl that has nobody in her life to sincerely care for her...
She creates a magical connection with her grandmother...
It's her own way to deal with depression...
Sarah believes that she's part of a time loop...
In the finale, she puts on a '50s-style dress...steals her former horse & disappears into the woods...

The film had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 27, 2020...

What's the difference between:
a horse girl & an equestrian?

Like in any industry, the horse world has many different words that means slightly different things...

For example: equine, equestrianism & horsemanship.
Or the difference between a woman horse rider & horsewoman...

Equestrian in my view refers more to the sport, but equine refers to horses, ponies & donkeys.
Equestrians are horse riders while horsewomen are skilled with horses themselves.

What's unique about horse sports that really impresses me the most is that it's the only sport that engages an animal where both men & women of all ages compete on equal footing in the arena.

More often than not, girls crush it!

Any Horse Obsessed Girls Around You?

Get your FREE colouring book
of a sweet girl & her unicorn traveling
the 7 wonders of the world!

Horses & girls...

Many girls love horses & care for them...
Their health, fitness & happiness.

They spend money & time caring for & riding these divine creatures.

What is it about horses that girls love the most? 

Is it the picture of prince charming sweeping her off her feet on a white or black horse?

Maybe horsepower, presence, fitness, movement, speed, elegance, kindness, intelligence, connection or nobility...

Horse riding does something good to us, to how we feel & who we become!

One Last Thing...

I'm gonna need your help in finishing up this blog post.

So PLEASE horse girls, If you ever felt this MAGICAL ENERGY let me know exactly what it is in the comments below... 

What is horse energy in your view? What does it mean to you?

And I promise to publish raw & help other GIRLS WITH HORSE ENERGY understand it better!


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